Digital Citizenship Project

Jordan S. Period 3

Digital Etiquette

Rule: Be Kind to other people online. If you say something mean to them say "I'm sorry," to make them better.

Information Privacy

Rule: Don't give other people your Information. They will use your Information for bad somethings.

Social Networking

Rule: Social Networking is like talking to your friend online. There are rules to use Social Networking the right way. The right way is being nice on Social Networking. The wrong way is being rude on Social Networking.

Online Safety

Rule: Sometimes online can be safe and not safe. All online safety is important to kids and adults. Some parents watch their kids go on the intent.


Rule: Some kids cybullying other kids online. In the usa kids are bullying other kids. some kids say "STOP!" or "You are hurting my feels." But bullings never lusin to the kids are telling them to stop of telling them how they fell.


Rule: If you got a F on your test and your teacher ask you to redo it and you did. What is your grade will be? Some people copy the words down on a pest of paper, and you got a F on it. Why do kids get F's on their test or work?


Rule: People use copyright to copy stuff they want. Why do these people use copyright? People use copyright for things they want so badly. Why do they use copyright their things they wanted so badly?

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship has rules to stay safe. If you are getting cybullying go tell your mom or dad, or your teacher. Online safety is staying safe online.

Why is it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive Digital Citizenship practices?

Well, some poeple don't do Digital Citizenship and they hurt other poeple online. Some poeple are nice online so they won't hurt other poeple feels.