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December 2021 Family Newsletter


Hello from your Gateway School Counselors, Kelsey Buglewicz-Miller and Alison McGovern! We are so excited that you are checking out our monthly newsletter. This is a space for us to share fun activities for you to do with your family, updates to our program, resources you may be interested in, and other information related to school counseling. If you have any questions about the items posted, please feel free to reach out to a Gateway School Counselor via email.

About Us

Lunch Bunches

School Counselors work with students at many different levels in order to deliver a comprehensive counseling program. We teach classroom lessons, meet individually with students, run data supported small groups, and even meet with students in lunch bunches.

Lunch bunches are a part of our program where we eat lunch with a group of students. The purpose of these group lunches is to help build and practice positive social skills and enhance friendships in an enjoyable but real-life situation. We build these skills by playing games together, having structured conversations, and processing questions and scenarios about our relationships with others.

If you have any questions or think your child may benefit from our lunch bunch program, please reach out to either Ali McGovern or Kelsey Buglewicz-Miller. You can find our contact information below!

This Month at Gateway

Bullying Prevention Mural

During the month of November, we worked with your students to create artwork summarizing what they learned during Bullying Prevention month. Their work is displayed above and around our offices. Ask your student about what they created and learned!

Focusing in the Classroom

We will be starting our next unit during the second week of December. This unit of classroom lessons will focus on improving listening skills and focusing in the classroom. Our kindergarten and second grade students have been improving on these skills over the last few months, but our lessons will be especially important during the times before and after highly anticipated long breaks. If you think that your child could use some additional support with focusing in the classroom, please reach out to one of the school counselors! Our contact information is listed at the bottom of this newsletter and on the Gateway website.

Focusing on the Future

We are moving into our next unit of Second Step classroom lessons this month! This unit will highlight the skill of goal setting and teach students how to achieve the goals that they set. The timing of this unit aligns with the end of our first semester and the beginning of 2022, so we will be coaching our intermediate students on setting goals for the next quarter/semester/year! Ask your student what goals they are setting for themselves! We know that working on reaching our goals with a team or partner makes us more likely to succeed, so you can also work with your student(s) to set a family goal to work on together!

Help at Home

Creating Memories During Breaks

Winter Recess can be an opportunity to enjoy quality family time. If you are looking for ideas to do as a family during break, we have created a list of ideas below!

1. Color a coloring page completely

2. Cut paper snowflakes

3. Build a fort and do a family activity inside! (Movie, reading, craft)

4. Build a snowman (real or a craft)

5. Donate old toys & books to a local charity or daycare

6. Make a gingerbread house

7. Do a puzzle

8. Write a thank you letter for a favorite gift or to a person you are grateful for

9. Go on a flashlight scavenger hunt

10. Make a magazine collage

11. Stay in pajamas all day

12. Play games

13. Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt

14. Drink hot chocolate or another favorite treat

15. Look at photos from the year

16. Do a year-end interview

Special Education Day & International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Special Education Day and International Day of Persons with Disabilities are celebrations of students with unique learning needs, teachers who fill those needs, and adults who live with disabilities. Here at Gateway, we have resource teachers and Alternative Curriculum Program (ACP) classrooms. These classrooms are places where our students with unique learning needs are able to receive individualized education. Many of our ACP students are able to sit in on lessons in other classrooms too! This gives them an opportunity to socialize with other students and it gives those classmates the opportunity to get to know these students. We know that exposure to different groups of people helps bridge gaps and prevent hate.

Feel free to watch the following videos with your students to educate them on the things that make these students just like them and how they are different.


Down Syndrome:



Treating Others with Kindness:

(uses sensitive language)

These are some stories that you can read or listen to with your students:

Just Ask

The Invisible Boy:

Uniquely Wired:

Emmanuel's Dream:

Wonder: Book and movie adaptation

Holiday Resources

Winter Clothing Support

Winter is quickly approaching which means cold weather is on the way! If your family needs support with winter clothing and gear, such as coats, gloves, scarves, hats, or socks, please let us know and we can help!

Panera Bread Program

Gateway is starting a new partnership with a local Panera Bread location by receiving weekly donations from them containing freshly baked breads, bagels, and other baked goods. These donations will be available on Wednesdays during dismissal on a table near the main 'Exit' doors of the building. Please feel free to park and visit the table to take home items if you need! Donation amounts may vary each week and will be provided on a first come, first served basis. If you are in need of food assistance throughout the school year, please call Gateway and ask to speak with a school counselor.

General Resources

Contact Us

Ms. Ali McGovern

If you have a question about a resource, please feel free to reach out via email or by calling our offices. If you would like to refer your student for a meeting, please utilize our QR code!

Mrs. Kelsey Buglewicz-Miller

If you have a question about a resource, please feel free to reach out via email or by calling our offices. If you would like to refer your student for a meeting, please utilize our QR code!

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