Elizabeth Blackwekl

By D.paul


Elizabeth Blackwell was born to Hannah Lane Blackwell and Samuel Blackwell. According to Bio.com Elizabeth had 4 sisters, Emily Blackwell, Anna Blackwell, Marian Blackwell, and Sarah Ellen Blackwell. In addition to that Elizabeth had 4 brothers, Samuel Charles Blackwell, Henry Brown Blackwell, George Washington Blackwell, and John Blackwell. As she grew older she adopted a young girl named Kitty Barry.


Elizabeth Blackwell wasn’t always a Doctor. Actually her first job was as an educator to support her family. But Mary Donaldson changed her mind. Soon she was applying college by college. Finally she was accepted but in order for that the student body had to vote they all said yes thinking it was a joke .But Elizabeth packed her bags for N.Y.. Then before she knew it …she was a doctor. Also she started two colleges and one clinac


At first Elizabeth was taken as a joke. Probably because she had a stressed education. Her father sold their business. Later he got ill then died leaving their mother with 9 children to take care of. Yet she kept trying application after application she was rejected 28 times in all according to the book “Who says Women can’t be doctor’s”. But when she was accepted into Geneva medical college NOBODY wanted her there in fact some even thought she was crazy. But it wasn’t over yet her biggest challenge was to be a doctor at civil war time.


On the bright side Elizabeth was accepted in Geneva medical college. Not only did she graduated with highest score and become the first women doctor she won N.Y. ‘S favor. Elizabeth was honored as well for helping during war time. She also set an example for many. This extra ordinary women opened 2 colleges for women too. As well as 1 clinical and was honored by many for helping during the civil war