Andrew Jackson is a Zero

By: Mackenzie Cranford

Removal of Natives

Jackson gave a few choices to the Cherokee Indians that involved changing their ways. One choice was to become civilized and to give up tribal ways. Another choice was to relocate to reservations that were one hundred miles away. The last, but hardest choice was genocide, or to fight back which would get them killed. The Cherokee didn't want to fight against the government and they didn't want to give up tribal ways, so they relocated miles away fro their home just to protect their ways even though many were killed.

Jackson's Inauguration

Jackson's inauguration was an abomination and an embarrassment to all of the presidencies before him. All of the presidencies before him were strict, organized, and uptight because they were serious about their job that they were taking on. Jackson was only focused on having a good time, so his inauguration was unorganized, not serious at all and very let loose. Jackson's inauguration made him seem like he wasn't serious about his job that he was about to take on. George Washington was very serious about his presidency, so he only invited certain people that all dresses nicely. Jackson invited the whole town and let them wear what they wanted. Every one got drunk at Jackson's inauguration and it wasn't right at all.

Jackson Killed the National Bank

The first National Bank was created when George Washington was president to serve for federal funds. The Second Bank was founded after the first had expired from serving the people. Traditionally, the bank had been run by a board of directors with a bias toward the urban and industrial northern states. Jackson disagreed with the bank's lack of funding for expansion into the unsettled Western territories. Jackson also objected to the bank's unusual political and economic power so he decided to take it down. But what if that bank was made to help the un-wealthy and Jackson just destroyed it? It was unnecessary to take down this bank because it could have helped many.

Jackson Killed the National Bank Cartoon

This cartoon represents the destroying of the second national bank. It's from Jackson's point of view explaining how the bank was a beast and Jackson was the hero by destroying it.