Cable vs Streaming

“Over the coming decades and across the world, Internet TV will replace linear TV”
Netflix VS Cable

Benefits of Cable

~Allows numerous channels

~These channels provide viewers with different types of programming geared towards specific interests

~Unique programming without some of the content restrictions placed on traditional networks

~Capacity to provide subscribers with telephone service with Internet access through a high-speed digital modem

Benefits of Streaming

~TV is pricey. Netflix isn't.

~Targets our interests

~Can watch past seasons

~No ad breaks

~Can receive it on almost any device

Disadvantages of Cable

~Must have a TV

~Does not cater to our interest

~Is becoming more redundant

~Paying the Cable Companies big bucks for shows that we do not watch

Disadvantages of Streaming

~Can not watch live events

~Not all shows are available

~Recent episodes are not availabe

Society Today

~"Netflix hasn’t killed off the traditional pay TV businesses just yet but it’s become very confident that it soon will"

~Streaming allows for more flexibility

~John Fetto stated:"cable companies, which of course are often also the gatekeepers to the Internet, will have to get more creative with their billing to make up the revenue lost by people who are cutting the cord"

~There are not enough hours in the day to watch TV

~We enjoy binge watching

~"94% of Americans will still watch a show even after it is spoiled"