Causes Of The American Revolution

Krystavan Jordan

Proclamation Of 1763

King didn't want colonists to pass the Ohio River Valley, because he didn't want anymore wars due to decrease in funds, the colonist thought that it was unfair due to fighting and having to be trapped in the same place, and they were being controlled by a king over 2000 miles away

Stamp Act of 1765

Taxes to the colonists, they weere angry due to the king making everything that you buy had a tax along with it, and the part that bugged them was " why are we being taxed from a king 2000 miles away!"

The Townshend Acts Of 1767

It was kings orders to tax everything and that's when boycotting started to occur from the colonists. They taxed Paper, Glass, Tea, and ETC.

The Boston Massacre

8 redcoats ended up killing 5 colonists, the name (Boston Massacre) exaggerated.

The Tea Act

It was made from Britain, and it was made for selling tea to colonists.

The Boston Tea Party

Where colonists dressed up like indians and poured tea into the sea and the amount was 340 chests.

The Intolerable Acts

In springtime of 1774 a law was passed called the Punative acts and it was to punish the colonists.

Lexington & Concord

At dawn April, british troops rushed into the town Lexington, also being near colonists.