My Road To Success

By: Nick Barnard

Started Ballin' At A Young Age

Basketball was made for me to play it. Just kidding the bench was made for me. Whether or not I got off the bench I loved the sport and enjoyed playing everyday. Taught me to be a team player and that cooperation is very important to be successful.

Mr. Goofball

As a kid I loved to joke around and piss my parents off. I was actually really good at it. I loved making people laugh and I know that I could lighten someones day up. Taught me to look on the bright side of every situation and I learned that you can almost anything you want with a little comedy.

BadA** Alert

I was the toughest kid around. I never did my homework and I was best friends with the principal. My parents let me do whatever I wanted. I forced my parents to get me this haircut cause its what all the ladies wanted. Taught me that sometimes you need to be forceful and aggressive and you need to take action your self to get where you want to be.

Gettin Ahead

This past summer I had taken a trip to Chicago to learn what it takes to become a strong business leader. I learned what it takes to use your money and to be able to make a strong business from your assets.

Baggin The Groceries

I currently work at Market Basket which sucks. Any who it has taught me all about patience and customer service. I have learned how to deal with impatient, rude, annoying, smelly, aggressive, and invasive personal space people. I know how to greet a person and I have learned how to keep a conversation going.


I am part of our schools DECA program and this program basically helps students mock interviews and learn a lot about different branches of the business world. I am currently in Sports Marketing and Management so I have learned many helpful tips that I can use so that when I am in the real business world I understand and know what to do.

Bentley College Class of 2019

Ever since I visited I fell in love with Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts. It is one of the most technologically advanced schools in New England and it has a great location, right next to Boston. This school has many connections right out of college and they can get you into a strong job. This school is a target/reach school for me so it will teach me to work hard and help me learn that you need to work for things in life.

Mr. Fidelity

I would love to work at an investment company like Fidelity or a company similar. They have a great company that thrives on customer service which I could use my Market Basket tools to an advantage. Trying to get here will help me realize even more that in order to get places you have to work hard.


Hopefully I will be able to retire before I turn 55 so that I can have an easy life when I get older. I am going to want to be able to live in a very nice home and be able to vacation a lot and be able to buy my grandchildren really dope gifts. Being able to live and relax like this will really show me how hard work pays off and how its worth it to put in that extra effort in the end.

The Greatest Man To Ever Live

When I die I want to have no ragrets lingering in my head. I want to be known as a extremely hard worker and I want to be able to leave a legacy behind for my family and be a good enough role model so that my kids and grandchildren can aspire to be like me.