Sumer was discovered in 3000 B.C. in South West Asia next to the Persian Gulf including Ur and Urook. Sumer cities were surrounded by mudflats and patches of scorching deserts. Sumer has raised a city-state government and each state has 5,000-20,000 people. The Sumerian people worshiped many gods, the belief was known as polytheism these multiple gods played different roles in Sumerian life. The Sumerians had social groups know as Kings, Priests, Warriors, and Government officials.Most citizens worked as farmers to feed there family. They used dams and waterways to get water to their farms so the plants would not die.


The Assyrian Empire were the first to use battering ram. Religion remained very important in the social and political order. Even the kings were obliged to obey the gods. The people thought that the longs were special beings so they built beautiful places for them. The Assyrians built the aqueducts. A system of canals and aqueducts brought drinking water to Nineveh from 30 miles away. Many of the Assyrian most famous bas-reliefs were on palace walls.


The Neo-Babylonian Empire was skilled in mathematics and astronomy. Because of that they were the first to create the sundial. Nebuchadrezzer II drove the egyptians out of syria. He also conquered the cannan which is present day Israel.

Babylonian Empire

The ruler to unite all of mesopotamia was a king named Hammurabi. Hammurabi was the king of Babylonian a small city-state in the central mesopotamia. After conquering the rest of mesopotamia he made babylonia the capital of the empire. Hammurabi was known for his set of codes and laws. The code of laws was written on a stele and placed in a temple for everyone to see. Hammurabi also built roads and created a postal service. He usec the irrigation system so he could grow crops for food. They traded grain and woven cloth for wood and gold. Some of the Babylonians wrote poems and other stuff.


The Akkadia Empire was remembered for there battle formations and tatics. Sargon used smart political strategies and used city-states. When Sargon died the Akkadian Empire created the first Empire. This was there most greatest achievement. Sargon ruled his empire for 56 years during that he made a city named Agade which now is the capital. He made the city by the tributes he got for conquering other people's city. The Akkadian also had a another achievement for there language replacing the Sumerian language. For there art they were know for there beautiful three-dimensional sculptures.