Once a Bill, Now a Law

By: Patrick and Chris

How a bill becomes a law

There are 10 steps in the process for a bill to become a law

1. Any one can draft a bill, only congress can introduce it into legislation. The president can propose the bill but only a congress member can introduce it.

2. As soon as the bill is introduced it is referred to a committee. If the committee does not act on the bull is is considered dead

3. Sometimes bills are referred to a sub committee for study and hearings.

4. When the hearings are completed the subcommittee may meet to mark up the bill

5. Commitee action to report a bill

6. voting and the bill is passed or defeated

7. referral to other chamber

8. a conference committee is reformed to reconcile the differences between the house and the senate.

9. it is sent to the president to see if he will accept it or veto it.

10. overriding a veto

if the bill is accepted or not

Tuesday, March 11th, 9pm

Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

President decides if wanted to veto or not, see if he will accept it.