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Hanukkah is a jewish holiday that is usually celebrated during winter. The holiday is not part of the torah. THe reason we celebrate Hanukkah is because along time ago, The romans came to Israel and tried to conquer. However, the Israelites made a resistance, forcing them to retreat. When they entered he palace they had a menorah and one small pitch of oil. The pitch lasted for eight day, a miracle. The second time we lost. The miracle is the reason people get together with their family and friends, eat the provided foods below, and light a menorah for eight days.

Jelly Donuts and Potato latkes

In Hanukkah the main desert usually served is the Jelly Donut. One of the ingredients in a Latkes is oil. The reason we eat Latkes is to remind us of the eight day miracle. The eight day miracle happened when the jewish resistance needed oil and only had one little pitcher(lasting eight days).


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Us Israelis, love to eat a lot during holidays and schnitzel is crusted chicken. schnitzel is an everyday that we eat in Israel. It will usually come with a nice salad and a lemon on the side. The reason I listed it as a food for Hanukkah is because we love eating it and in my family, we make for Hanukkah every year.