Henry Ford

By: Jamilee Moore

About him

Henry Ford wanted to make an inexpensive car that would last a life time. In the 1890's he had experimented with an automobile engine powered by gasoline. In 1903 he established an automaking company and began designing cars. In 1906 he had an indea for a new type of car. He told Charles Sorenson, later Ford's general superintendent, "we are going to get a car that we can make in great volume and get the prices way down. For the next year Ford and Sorenson worked on the Model T, Building the car and testing it on rough roads. In 1908 Ford introduced the Model T to the public.

Model T

Sorenson described the sturdy black vehicle as "a car which anyone could afford to buy, which anyone could drive anywhere, and which almost anyone could keep in repair." These qualities made the Model T very popular. During the next 18 years, Ford's company sold 15 million Model T's. Henry Ford also pioneered a new, less expensive way to manufacture cars - the assembly line. On the assembly line, each worker performed an assigned task again and again at a certain stage in the production of the automobile. The assembly line revolutionized industry, enabling manufacturing to produce large quantites of goods more quickly.

The Model T's Significance

The Model T's significance is that people had to either walk or ride on horses to get from ploace to place and when the Model T got invented it helped people get around from place to place and helped them get there faster and esiser ecuse when they walked they get tierd and when they rode horses they would get tierd and would not want to walk any further.