Snoozing With Sam

This Weeks Topic Is Dreaming!

What is dreaming and why does it occur?- Sam's Opener

Dear Sam's Opener,

Dreaming is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. There are many different theories from scientists like Jung, but surprisingly there is not one reason of dreaming. Some say it is through imagination as some believe we don't dream at all. Crazy right?!

- Sincerely,


I am a male and having people attacking me in my dreams! Is this normal? - Scared Dreamer

Dear Scared Dreamer,

In adolescents it is known for a male dreamer to dream very aggressive. In females and males, it is known for their to be acts of agression coming from others. It is normal to have some crazy dreams sometimes, but they won't be there all the time so just hang in there!

- Sincerely,


My brother and I always like to discuss our dreams. He always tells me that its mostly males in his dreams, while I have a mix. Could this be true?- Scared Sister Dreamer

Dear Scared Sister Dreamer,

This is normal in adolescent boys! Boys tend to dream mainly other males, while females mainly dream with both genders. This happens very often in a dream and is normal as the brain is still developing!