Ms. Arsenault's Weekly Update

January 17, 2014

Saturday School

The first Saturday School will be held on Saturday January 25. I will be updating the list in my classroom of students who need to attend, so your child should know if they are expected to go. I decide on Saturday School attendance based on several things. Some of them are poor quiz scores, poor classwork performance, incomplete homework assignments, and incomplete reassessments. Saturday School should be used by students to make up work/reassessments and ask questions about any information they are struggling with. Please remember that if your child is assigned Saturday School, it is imperative that they attend. Drop off is at 8 AM and pick up is at 11 AM. If your student is only reassessing or making up a missed assignment, they may call you to pick them up early.

My Website

Just a reminder... My website is updated daily. I post everything that we work on in class, homework assignments, and videos. If your student is telling you they don't have homework, please feel free to check my website. Most nights homework is assigned, often times in the form of watching a video. Also, because I post everything that we do in class, if they are having trouble students should be accessing my website to review notes, videos, etc.


We have been working on Intro to Function in chapter 7 of our book. We also have reviewed Pythagorean Theorem and the Distance Formula. We will have a test on all of these topics next week.

Help Sessions:





PM: (Reassessment Only - Must tell me in advance that they are attending)