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By Jessica Boling

Walking the Path of Sarah Dessen

Are you interested in reading novels with bits of romance and drama? Then you might want to hear about the author Sarah Dessen. Sarah Dessen was born on June 6, 1970 in Illinois. Later she moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to attend college. After graduating college, Sarah continued to work as a waitress at Flying Burrito. In the year 2000 she married Jay Earl Marks and together they had a daughter named Sasha Clementine.

Sarah attended the University of North Carolina, UNC, and graduated with the highest honors in Creative Writing. Three years after graduating from UNC, she sold her first book. One year later she was offered a job to teach writing. Sarah took the job offer and left her job as a waitress at Flying Burrito. Sarah is now a full time writer and author.

Sarah Dessen is New York's number one bestselling author for many novels. She has sold more than seven million copies of her books. Sarah writes for young adults and older. Her books That Summer and Someone Like You were made into a movie called How to Deal. The movie was released on July 18, 2013. Check out her other books and her website www.sarahdessen.com.

Chapel Hill Summer Attractions

If you ever plan on visiting Chapel Hill, North Carolina, here's a couple places you could visit and the what the climate is normally like in the summer. The climate average in the summer is about eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit for a high and about sixty-six degrees Fahrenheit for a low. The average high in May is seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit, and the low is fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit. The average high in June is eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low is sixty-four degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, in July the average high and low is eighty-nine degrees Fahrenheit and sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit.

One of Chapel Hills many attractions is the Ackland Art Museum. Every year the Ackland Art Museum organizes more than a dozen special exhibits with more than enough art to look at. In a part of the permanent collection, over 17,000 pieces of artworks including African art and European masterworks. The Ackland Art Museum is also an academic part and unit of the University of North Carolina.

One of Chapel Hill's stadiums/fields is the Boshmer Baseball Field. The Boshmer Stadium was named after Cary C. Boshmer and was opened on March 21, 1972. The field is home to the Diamond Heels since the late 1960's when Emerson field was raised. Boshmer Stadium seats 4,100, but has room for over flow to 5,000 in total.

Top 10 Sarah Dessen Books

1. The Truth about Forever

2. Just Listen

3.This Lullaby

4. Along for the Ride

5. Lock and Key

6. Dreamland

7. Keeping the Moon

8. Someone like You

9. What happened to Goodbye

10. That Summer


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Drawing in the Galleries

Saturday, July 11th, 10am-12pm

101 S Columbia St

Chapel Hill, NC

Every second Saturday of each month Amanda Hughes guides participants in a creative exploration of a certain object in the Ackland Art Museum's collection. This event is open to all levels of art and to everyone. RSVPs are not required.

Materials needed:

- paper

- crayons, pencils, or markers (etc...)