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September: Ideas, ADD, and Developmental Delay

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Multiple Ways to Teach

As we already know, students learn from hearing, seeing, and doing. While not all are visual learners, connecting all the learning styles together will help meet all of the special needs you might have in a classroom.

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Click the Button for Ideas for ADD and ADHD kids.

DD (developmental delay)

Click the button for: A lot of information, mainly for the lower grades and early intervention.

HELPFUL for ALL needs

Some of these things you may already know but I wanted to include them in this flyer.

When reading:

- find text to speech options (on the ipad there are options and some computers.)

- audio versions of different books can be found online

- if a textbook has a visual and audio option, this is very beneficial

- if teacher is reading aloud make sure the student is following along with a point, ruler, or finger.

I have not tried this method for audio options because I do more one on one, but here is a link that has some advice. If it works, please share :)

Writing on the board:

- Use different colors (red, black, and other dark colors) If writing a spelling list, alternate the colors.

- If writing a sentence on the board, alternate each sentence with a different color. Is especially helpful to students who have attention issues or reading disabilities.