The Overthrow

events that lead to hawaii's annexation


With out John L. Stevens, Grover Clevland and Mckinley the Annexation of hawaii would not have been possible

The importance of History

Without these three people the annexation of Hawaii would not be possible. The Importance of this topic in History is very significant because it involves the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom; it shows what three people did to make the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom and eventually the annexation of Hawaii possible. The long term significance of the Annexation is that because of the foreigners arriving in Hawaii it changed everything. The foreigners gave the Hawaiians diseases that they had no immunity to.

Is Hawaii legally and lawfully a state of the union

No. Hawaii is not a legal state of the union because there is no treaty that lets the U.S use the land of the Hawaiians. The overthrow of Hawaii was done illegally the U.S betrayed the Hawaiians they forced the signing of a constitution and they also made Hawaii very dependent on them. The Hawaiian Island was unlawfully taken over the foreigners. They say that the Hawaiian people were unfit to rule themselves and that they were semi barbaric.

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