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- place,

- reasons for the event or celebration



- preparations

- description of the actual events

- related events


- feelings

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Describe a local event taking place every year in your town or country (200-250 words) you have recently taken part in.


  • Is held
  • it takes place in
  • preparations start
  • people make, clean, put up
  • On the actual day
  • in the evening people watch fireworks displays
  • it's a great/amazing event/festival
  • everyone has a great time
  • it is a day full of surprises


Fair Saint. Dominic is an open-air event of a shopping and entertainment. The oldest, most famous and the biggest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Its tradition dates back to the thirteenth century, when the fathers of the Dominican monastery in Gdansk received from Pope Alexander IV privilege of granting indulgences on their holy founder. The festivities odpustowymi bound trade fair.

Today Fair acts as a magnet, attracting annual crowds of tourists to Gdansk and Tricity residents.In 2012, he was visited by 6.5 million visitors!

attractiveness of the event comes from the combination offer - antiques, antiques, artwork, crafts and regional presented over 1000 stalls - with cultural program, rich in artistic events: costume parades, theatrical performances, competitions, interactive projects and concerts - a year ago they played the scene fairs, among others. John Porter, Paul and Charles Meadows Lan, Village Collectiv, gospel choirs from England, Austria and Polish opera soloists, carilloniści


St. Dominic’s Fair today

For many years, since its reactivation in 1972, the St. Dominic’s Fair lasted for 2 weeks. In 2004, a decision was made to extend it up to 3 full weeks. Every year, about 1000 merchants, artists, artisans and collectors take part in the Fair, and it is visited by an average of 70,000 people daily, whose number usually doubles at weekends. As the organizers declare, approximately 5 million people come and go through the Old Town of Gdańsk during each St. Dominic’s Fair (in 2007 there were as many as 8.5 million of them which is still a record). The contemporary character of the event recalls the medieval tradition of fun and trade. One can find there an abundance of food stalls offering cold beer, meat, potatoes, sausages, and shish kebabs baked on a gridiron. Tourists from abroad will additionally have a unique opportunity to taste some traditional Polish dishes, like e.g. pierogi (dumplings), bigos (stewed dish made of sauerkraut and/or fresh cabbage, meat and mushrooms), or farmhouse bread with lard and dill pickles.

Just as before the war, there is a funfair which used to be a major attraction during the times of the free city of Danzig. In year 1938 the funfair became even more famous when a 2-metre crocodile escaped from its menagerie and jumped into the Motława river. It took quite a long time to catch it, and the escape caused a general sensation. For obvious reasons, the funfair has changed its character throughout all those years. The halls of mirrors have disappeared and nobody cuts women into two pieces with a handsaw during magic shows; however, it still remains one of the main attractions for the youngest participants of the St. Dominic’s Fair.

The number of stalls increases each year, and the programme of the Fair is diversified by various cultural and entertainment events. On the stalls we can find numismatic and philatelic collections, as well as handicrafts, haberdashery, valuable cloths and antiques. All those products and many more may be bought on the popular flea market. Unfortunately, as it happens in other similar fairs in the world, some fake products are sold as well. In the past, for example, it was possible to buy pictures of Kossak, Witkacy and numerous other well-known painters. However, the majority of merchants and collectors are fair and treat visitors seriously. They arrive not only from the farthest corners of Poland but also from other countries, like Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Sweden and such distant asIsrael or Uzbekistan. All those foreign sellers offer products and souvenirs distinctive for their culture.

[edit]The plan of the Fair

  • multibranch stalls - Szeroka, św. Ducha, Grobla I, Grobla II Streets;
  • craft articles and jewellery - Mariacka Street, Długie Pobrzeże, Rybackie Pobrzeże, Długi Targ;
  • souvenirs and artists’ stalls - Długa Street, Długi Targ, Zielony Most;
  • stalls of collectors and hobbyists – Wartka and Straganiarska Streets, Targ Rybny;
  • gastronomic stalls - Targ Węglowy, Targ Rybny, Szeroka Streets.

[edit]The programme of the Fair

  • outdoor stages,
  • festivals,
  • fêtes and concerts,
  • demonstration of fireworks and laser lights,
  • street parades,
  • rock concerts,
  • chamber and organ music concerts,
  • sport events and competitions (St. Dominic’s Race).


The thousand-year history was not only a time of merchants but also artists who still abound in our city. We have huge theatrical traditions and modern cinema halls. You will come across connoisseurs of the opera and philharmonic here but will also be entranced with the liveliness of culture during city festivities. And at night you can spend a romantic time in the light of flaring fireworks.

Selected permanent events in the cultural calendar:

Gdańsk Musical Summer (July-August) A cycle of classical music concerts given by world celebrities in the breathtaking scenery of the amphitheatre on the Motława River.

International Festival of Organ Music at the Oliwa Cathedral (July-August) Old and premiere hits of organ music played by world-famous virtuosos.

International Festival of Organ, Choir, and Chamber Music (July-August) Friday concerts by organ players, choirs, and soloists, chamber ensembles and symphonic orchestras in the magnificent St Mary’s Basilica.

FETA International Festival of Open Air and Street Theatre (mid-July) Miniature and large-scale theatrical performance in the authentic scenery of the historic Gdańsk lanes

‘Baltic Sail’ International Sailing Rally (late July) A colourful festivity of the sails in the historic heart of Gdańsk: regattas, tall ship parades, and a shanty festival.

Gdańsk Carillon Festival (first decade of August) An overview of the rich music literature written for the carillon, from Baroque to the contemporary times.

Shakespearean Festival (first decade of August) An international review of most interesting productions of the unmatched plays by the Master of Stratford.

St Dominic's Fair (the first three weeks of August) A dashing popular ‘fiesta a-la Gdańsk’ originating from the 13th century with a rich programme of cultural events.


55th International Festival of Organ Music in Oliva
July 3 - August 24, Tuesdays and Fridays, at. 20.00 | Oliwa Cathedral
Festival, which permanently adds value already in the musical landscape of Gdansk is a unique space in the Cathedral. Chopin on Waters Motława July 19 - August 3, always at 20.30 | Polish Baltic Philharmonic in Gdansk Evening serenade of the music of Frederic Chopin, Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, and other composers. www.filharmonia.gda.plMusic in the monuments of old Gdansk 7 - August 18 | time. 19.00 A series of concerts in the most important historical sites of the city on Motlawa, preceded by lectures gedanisty eminent professor. George Sampa. 31st Inspired Folk Music Festival, the North Sound July 30 - August 4 | Gdańsk-Chmielno music inspired by folklore festival broad countries north. In addition to concerts on the participants waiting for the numerous workshops., SOLIDARITY OF ARTS 2012-STAŃKO +8 August - 2 September | Gdańsk | open-air stage the Polish Baltic Philharmonic | Olowianka island, st. Ołowianka 1 The fourth edition of the festival, which brings Solidarity ideas through art, and above all - the music. This year will be: Tomasz Stanko + Stanisław Sojka, Die Norddeutscher Rundfunk Bigband, Richard Bona, Mika Urbaniak, Monica, RUTA Beat, Kayah, Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, Kurzak. org. Marshal Office of the Pomeranian Region, City of Gdansk, the Polish Film Institute, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage XVI International Festival Osiek GOSPEL - Anger 2012 15 - 19 August | Perfect Festival consists of a review of gospel choirs, gospel and workshops festival concerts.

FETA 2007 Firebirds "Firebirds Production" HU // Gdańsk Europejska Stolica Kultury 2016