How UV Rays Clean Water

This is how UV cleans water and its effects to the world

What is UV rays?

UV rays is one of many ways of technology that helps make the water more safer for us and our environment.

How UV is used

Using a special low-pressure vapor lamp strikes cells in order to kill microorganisms to make the water cleaner and safer. It can also be used on swimming pools making it so you can use less chlorine in the pool.

What materials would you need with UV at a lab?


- UV germicidal lamps

- Hand-held UV units

- Crosslinkers

UV effects on water

- It kills all bacteria in the water

- In swimming pool you use less chlorine

- Sometimes it doesn't kill all bacteria so then the bacteria will grow back again

Effects on human

-It lowers the risk of illnesses

-UV can damage human skin

-If the UV light is high enough and you can get possible eye damage

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Effects on the environment

When UV rays or light are used on plants or crops it takes longer for it to grow. But by using it still takes all the bacteria off the plants. It also provides clearer and healthier water the environment.