How To: Business Presentation

Tips and Tricks for the Best Business Presentations

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

The more you put in, the more you will get out, so prepare as much as you can. Most of the work will come before the presentation.

Proof Read

Visual aids can be great, but nothing will bring discredit and embarrassment like spellin and grammar mistake

Sell Yourself First

Start out by stating your credibility. Explain your experience, education, or anything that shows you are knowledgeable and capable.

Grab Their Attention

Visual aids, questions, quotes, or even a skit can grab the audiences attention in the very beginning.

Address the Topic or Goal

Before you get into the meat of the presentation make sure to address the topic or goal of the presentation as well as an overview of what you will be talking about.

Be Organized

Make sure your topics are organized and your audience can tell everything isn't just thrown together.

Support Everything You Have

Use supporting facts, quotes, findings, and articles. However, it is crucial that all of your sources are credible.

Use Shock and Awe

Your audience can start to fade during the middle of a presentation, using interesting facts or startling statements to bring them back.

Make Time for Questions or Make Questions

Think of the questions they will ask and make time for it, if no one asks the question think of concerns people will have and address them.

End with a Boom

Your audience will remember the introduction and conclusion the most, so stay away from just stating that you have ended. try to end with summarizing your presentation or adding something that ties it all together.

Site Your Sources

Never Plagiarize it can be crippling on your presentation.

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