The Arctic fox

by Quinn

what my animal looks like

My animal has a short muzzle, short ears, and a white coat (brown in the summer/ spring) my animal is a smaller type.
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my animals predators

My animals predators are, polar bears, wolf packs, and hunters are really the only things that my animal needs to hide from. It protects its self by curling up in the snow then its white coat camouflages it.


Arctic fox baby's are very small. When a baby's mom is gone or not in sight the baby will howl. The arctic fox as liters of pups up to six. babys drink milk when there born.

what the arctic fox eats

My animal is an omnivore it eats small rodents, birds, fish and sometimes veggies when it can find some.

where my animal lives

My animal lives in the arctic as you can tell by its name. My animal digs a hole in the ground to sleep.

interesting facts

They use there tail as a blank. Baby arctic foxes are the size of your hand. The population of the arctic fox is a hundred thousand.