Job Derscription

A neurosurgeon is a doctor that uses surgical techniques to cure areas of problem on the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves system.


In order to be a neurosurgeon you must first finish high school. Then you must do 8 years of after high school education. Then you must also do 3-8 years of internship and residency while studying under other surgeons.


As a neurosurgeon my pay would be quite high at the annual pay of $187,200 a year.

Where Would I Work?

I would work anywhere in the healthcare field. Such as hospitals and clinics

How Does This Job Benefit Society

The brain and the spinal cord controls the entire body and all of its functions. So helping save the brain would allow me to help and save lives.

Extra Infomation

The projected job rate for a neurosurgeon is a 20% growth for the next ten years. As a neurosurgeon you might get to do experimental procedures on patients. If you are going to be a doctor of any kind (especially a neuro specialist) you must be empathetic but also observent.