The Maze Runner Book #1

Project by Vanessa Doan


A character is a person or animal in a story.

"Name's Alby" -Alby pg. 8


A young and chubby boy with curly hair who was the newest Glader until Thomas arrived. He immediately becomes friends with Thomas and acts like a little brother towards him. He is around 12 years old. Dies in the end when Gally throws a knife at Thomas and Chuck jumps in front of him.


"Out there's the Maze" Newt whispered pg. 38

The setting describe where and when the story takes place.

The Glade-

The Glade is the strange new world into which Thomas is thrust. Thomas, like the other Gladers who have been sent there by the Creators, is a teenager who has no memory of his former life. Everyone’s only goal in the Glade is to escape.

The Maze-

Located off the courtyard of the Glade is the mysterious Maze. It is a vast and eerie place that is comprised of long, endless corridors with tall walls covered in ivy. There is no discernible exit. In the Maze is the constant threat of an attack by the much-feared Grievers.

The Cliff-

The Cliff is virtually the end of the Maze, but it is not an exit. Gladers are thrown off the Cliff into its black and bottomless abyss.

The Griever's Hole-

Thomas and Minho discover an invisible escape hatch that is invisible and virtually suspended in mid-air.

Conflict Man vs. Self

"Ok calm it, you haven't done anything wrong" he told himself. - Thomas pg. 55

A man vs. self conflict will occur when a character is struggling with themselves on the inside. Thomas faces all these thoughts in his head about Glade and Everything that's happening. Thomas also doesn't remember anything that's happened to him before he came to Glade. Thomas struggles when he has to figure out if someone is a bad person or a good person. He also struggles when people want him to make a choice.


"Everything is going to change" pg. 57

Foreshadowing means hints that the author give you about something that is going to happened later. When Teresa came out of the elevator. Seemingly dead, and the came conscious for a second, and said, "Everything is going to change". You know that something bad is going to happen. She was in a coma, and woke up only to say that, so it is obviously a foreshadow of something bad.