Year 6 Newsletter

Term 2- March 31st, 2017

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Unit of Inquiry ; Who We Are

Central Idea: Changes people experience at different stages of their lives affect their developing sense of self.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Change as an important part of our lives.
  • How our self- concept may contribute to our choices and behaviours.
  • We will understand we are responsible for our own well-being

We are well into our 'Who We Are' unit. The children are learning more about themselves, their bodies and the changes that they will experience during puberty. This is a great opportunity for parents to spend some extra time with your son/ daughter to discuss things in more detail as well as answer any questions that arise.


The children have been reading and writing poetry. They have identified features of different kinds of poetry. Please ask them to tell you about the special features of an acrostic, a haiku, a cinqain or a ballad. They have chosen and read favourite poems which will be collected and kept in class.

As the children move on to draft, edit and publish their own writing we will be encouraging them to use more figurative language to enhance their writing.

Taking inspiration from our Who We Are unit the children will use the theme of Change/Emotions to help scaffold their ideas.

Maths: Ratio & Probability

In Maths next term we will be exploring problems with ratio and probability. The following objectives will be addressed ;

  • I can solve simple problems involving ratio and proportion

  • I can recognise and say when a ratio is part to part and can simplify, when possible
  • I can distinguish common fractions that show the ratio of parts to the whole, from ratios which describe parts to parts

Please remember to encourage your child to work on any times tables facts that they still do not know. Often this is the barrier to feeling confident when working on this aspect of Numeracy.

There are additional resources on Mathletics, Study Ladder and Khan Academy should you wish to support your child with their home learning. Lots of online games are also available.

Coming up..........

We are coming to the end of our Who We Are unit. Children will be tuning into their exhibition unit, How We Express Ourselves. We have been thinking about many different examples of expressions of Art. Please chat to your children about what types of expressive Art inspires them and help them to collect things for their 'mood boards' (Easter homework). Collections are due in straight after the Easter Holiday please.

Dialogue In The Dark Experience

All of our Year 6 classes have thoroughly enjoyed their visits to the Dialogue In The Dark Experience. It's been an amazing time for all and really makes the children consider others in less-fortunate circumstances. Please spend some time reflecting on the experience with your child after the visit and if you haven't been yourself, perhaps make a time to visit again with your family!

6R Assembly

We thoroughly enjoyed watching 6R's excellent assembly last week. Well done to all the children for a creative and informative review of their Dance and Wushu Unit.
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The Year 6 Beijing Trip 2017 - looks like lots of fun!

General Notices:

  • Homework: Remember to check the VLE homework page every Wednesday please. We still have a number of pupils not handing in weekly homework.

  • Upcoming Y6 Exhibition: Express Yourself!

    Call for Community Experts for the Year 6 Exhibition

    Once again this year the Year 6 PYP Exhibition will fall within the transdisciplinary theme of 'How we express ourselves'. Students will have the opportunity to inquire into a wide array of art forms and types of expression. They will explore in-depth a particular art form that resonates with them and build their exhibition around that. The exhibition process culminates with the the exhibition itself on the evening of May 25th.

    We are putting a call out to our parent and wider community in hopes of inspiring you to share your talents, passions and interests with our students. Last year we had several parents volunteer to work with small groups of students throughout the exhibition process.

    Exhibition will begin in full swing after Easter but we wanted to start early with community support.

    If you think you might be interested please click the link here and fill in the form.

    Any and all volunteers are welcomed and appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at

  • Kennedy School hats - flexibility for Year 6 students

    As you are probably aware, we are having a push on all children wearing the correct school uniform. This includes wearing a hat in the playgrounds and over at Stanley Ho sports centre. For all other year groups, there is an expectation that the hat will be a Kennedy School hat rather than one from home. However, we do recognise that as Year 6 children have a limited amount of time left at Kennedy School, you may decide that it is not worth purchasing a school hat at this stage. For this reason, we are happy to let Year 6 children only, wear a hat from home. All other items of school uniform should be the correct ones.

Important Dates in 2017:

TUESDAY April 18th - school begins after the Easter Break

Monday May 1st - Public Holiday

Wednesday May 3rd - Public Holiday