Lynch Lions Newsletter

November 2020

Mrs. Kidd's Memos

Dear Lynch Families,

We made it to the 2nd marking period with only a few bumps in the road! A special shout-out to each of you for helping us keep your child safe. We thank you for following all protocols set-up for the safety of all…mask wearing, social distancing, and keeping your child home if they are not feeling well. As we embark on the 2nd marking period, we will continue to follow all protocols and guidelines. We will have more students due to those returning from MYPCS online. Yes, you have the car line and staggered dismissals under control with a few problems, and I am proud of you! I must say, you have made a portion of my job easier. Some adjustments will need to be made, but before we act you will be notified. Again, we ask for your patience as we continue to explore unchartered waters.

This 2nd marking period, we will slowly reintegrate some things back into our day to day operations. Soon, you will be receiving information home regarding individual school pictures. We will be including students attending brick and mortar as well as MYPCS. As for visitors into the building, we are allowing those who have essential business to come in. We will advise you when we open doors for volunteers and lunch dates. From time to time, you will be asked by teachers to come in for a face-to-face conference…and you may also schedule one with your child’s teacher.

We ask for your continued support with ensuring your child is to school by 8:45 AM or online if they are a MYPCS student. Each day attendance is taken and recorded and if your child’s tardies and absences becomes excessive, we will be following up as required by state statue. Please feel free to reach out to our Social Worker, Ms. Katelyn Ellwood if you have questions or concerns.

This school year, we have some new faces on our School’s Advisory Committee (SAC). You will be hearing more from our SAC and PTA soon.

We are looking to another great 9 weeks and we long for the opportunity to shake hands soon! Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving…Stay Safe!

Cynthia Kidd


Mrs. Jones' Jots

November is here. We made it through an uncertain and different opening of school. We’ve completed the first 9 weeks and the report cards have arrived. This is the time to talk to your student about the importance of their education, the importance of the effort they put in to their own learning. We all work hard; parents, teachers, staff and we want the students to work just as hard in their learning. Take time to check in with their teacher. What do they accel in? What’s right on target? What area might they be falling behind? It is so important for us, especially this year, to work together to help the children catch up in their learning. We will be working on having some curriculum nights where you can learn some tools of your own in order to help your child. Look for those flyers to come home soon.

If you haven’t had a conference yet, now is the time. Please stay healthy and safe, and we’ll see you in the car circle.

Mrs. Jones

Important Dates

Nov. 16 SAC meeting via Teams 6:00-7:00 PM

Nov. 18 Great American Teach In

Nov 23-27 Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec 21-Jan 1 Winter Holiday

Jan 4 Staff & Students return

Jan 18 MLK Jr. Day-School closed

Jan 19 Non-Student Day

The Great American Teach In

The Great American Teach-in is an annual event sponsored by the district and Duke Energy. This year’s GATI will be held Wednesday November 18th. Although, this year it will not be face to face -speaker’s videos will be posted for teachers to access throughout the day to fit their classroom's needs and schedule.

Volunteer and community partners make a difference by helping our students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for this everchanging world. If you or if you know someone that would like to join us for the GATI, or would like more information on our volunteer program please contact Michele Killam at 727-570-3170

Ms. McGlynn's Music Minutes

The Lynch Honors Music Ensemble has started on Thursday of each week. Our 4th and 5th grade members will be learning violin, piano, music technology and mixing, advanced percussion with bucket drumming, and rock band.

PCS Connects initiative

One of the lessons learned during the closure of our school buildings in March of 2020, was the importance of having digital devices for all students. During school closures, the Pinellas County School Board took swift action to develop PCS Connects, a one-to-one device initiative, that will be funded in part by the federal CARES Act funding. Phase one, issuing a 1:1 device to all 4th through 9th grade students, is being implemented this school year.

Our computers were recently delivered, and Mrs. Goodloe is installing the needed software on each device. Phase one of our Lynch distribution plan for the 2020-2021 school year is to issue a PCS Connects laptop computer to our 4th and 5th grade MyPCS virtual students in need of webcams. Then, we will move on to face to face students in our simultaneous teaching classrooms. Finally, we will issue a device to students in face to face 4th and 5th grade classrooms who don't already have a newer model device.

The use of digital devices will be integrated into the instructional day for content delivery, research, creativity, innovation, and collaboration. These devices will be used daily while at school and may be taken home, upon completion of the required paperwork, with the understanding that the device MUST be returned to school each day. Also, if you would like the device to travel between home and school, we ask that you try to provide a padded laptop sleeve or padded backpack for safe travels.

All students receiving a PCS Connects l:1 laptop will need to compete several pieces of paperwork before the device can be issued to the student. More information will come home about this process. Mrs. Goodloe will be making appointments with our virtual students to swap out their old devices or to pick up the new ones in the next few weeks.

Please note that, similar to any other instructional material, the student is responsible for their device. If loss or theft is suspected, parents should immediately notify PCS by calling the school. If you suspect theft, please be sure to get a copy of the police report that you file for the school. Damaged devices will be evaluated by the school to determine whether they can be repaired. A fee may be assessed if the device suffers significant damage.

Students may not adhere any decorative or personalizing stickers or labels to the device which leaves residue upon removal. Students may not draw or otherwise mark the device in lead, ink, or paint. Please do not eat or drink while using this computer. Additional guidelines will be sent home upon issuance of the computer.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions about the PCS Connects program, please visit

School Advisory Committee or SAC

Input from our stakeholders is key to the success of Lynch Elementary.

Our SAC committee members for the 2020-2021 school year are:

  1. Michael Wilson-P
  2. Christopher Wike-P
  3. Kerilin Stanton-P
  4. Anatasia Schmidt Ynocencio-P
  5. Yoelmis Estevez-P
  6. LeVaugh Simmons-P
  7. Neal Scott-P
  8. Irene Wheaton-Community
  9. John Rice-Community
  10. Elizabeth Cadmus-S
  11. Aida Gonzalez-S
  12. Kristina Quinlivan-S
  13. Michelle Killam-S
  14. Cynthia Kidd-A
  15. Rebecca Archer-P
  16. Tiffiny Barnay-P
  17. Monique Hazellief-P
  18. Gladitza Burgos-P





November breakfast and lunch menus

Free Food Distribution Information

Pinellas County residents ages 18 years & younger are eligible for 7 days’ worth of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner meals. FREE Distribution is held on Thursdays at the 30 school locations listed below. Your child(ren) does not need to be enrolled in Pinellas County Schools or be present for pickup. No ID required for pickup. Meals are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
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Vision: 100% student success

Mission: We will prepare every student for college, career, and citizenship by providing quality educational experiences and integrating literacy through all disciplines.
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