Portable Devises

By Aleck Gardner

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, usually contains an address book, note making features, telephone and internet features

laptop or desktop?


A teacher would probably use a desktop rather than a laptop. This is because they would need to connect to a network and may need it to be fast to show videos/presentations. On the other hand, a laptop would let them take there work home but they could always just use a memory stick or e-mail it home as well.

News Reporter

A news reporter would probably use a laptop. This is because they're always on the move and need a portable devise.

A website designer

A website designer would use a desktop. This is because they would need a more powerful computer to make a really effective website

A doctor (GP surgery)

Would use a desktop. this is because a Gp does not move from his room so no need for a laptop

A traffic warden

Would use a laptop out of the two, but idealy they'd use a PDA