Artic Tundra Biome

By Oluwatoni Elewa-Gidado

Charecteristics of the Artic Tundra

Characteristics of Tundra

  1. Extremely cold climate
  2. Low biotic diversity
  3. Simple vegetation structure
  4. Limitation of drainage
  5. Short season of growth and reproduction
  6. Energy and nutrients in the form of dead organic material
  7. Large population oscillations

The water cycle in the artic tundra

The water cycle Starts with rain fall that rarely happens . When this occurs it soaks into the soil which causes permafrost (permanently frozen land: underlying soil or rock that remains permanently frozen, found mainly in the polar regions) or it washes itself into the ocean. This along with low air temperatures that slow evaporation results in summer ponds and bogs. After this Transpiration and Evaporation occurs taking water from the sea and from the 400 types of plant life, which eventually condensation happens. Rainfall in the artic does happen very often due to the cold temperatures. When this happens water vapor isn't as much as it would be in other places. But in the tundra or anywhere the water cycle can start at any point.


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