Night of the Twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman












Dan Hatch and his friend Arthur are home alone when the TV has tornado alert. They go to get Dan's little bro Ryan and he was stuck in a butterfly mobile. Dan had to cut him out. Then when the tornado hit they hid in the shower the glass shattered. they we're covered in blankets Ryan wouldn't stop crying. It started to hail. When they looked up the basement roof was gone...

About 15 minutes later Stacy Arthur sister helped them out of the basement. Then look for Dan's mom. They found her and gave her Ryan and went to get Mrs. Smiley. that was stuck in the basement. Then about 10 minutes later they were back with Mrs. Smiley. then got a rid from a police officer named Kelly. they headed to Kmart but had to turn around because they almost got eaten by a tornado. After that they headed to police HQ and Dan got to drive because officer Kelly's glasses shattered. They were put in a cell to sleep.

Next morning they went to the Armory, and found Arthur and Stacy's parents they stayed but Dan went to find his mom again. but they evacuated everyone from the shelter because of flooding. Then he remembered his dad saying home base is home base so he went home and found his whole family.

The End

Problem & Solution #1

Problem: There cat died in the tornado.

Solution: Get a new cat.

Problem & Solution #2

Problem: Dan got cut.

Solution: Rapped his cut with a torn off piece of his shirt.


The setting is 1980 June, 3rd in Grand Island Nebraska.