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Very few people in the world get to take their passions and turn them into a career. Deena Cooper is one of these lucky few. Deena Cooper has been enamored with her canine companions for years and has been able to turn that love into a thriving business. The affection that Deena Cooper has for these animals allows Deena Cooper to truly flourish in her field, where many consider her to be a sort of ‘dog whisperer.’ Deena Cooper's love for dogs allows them to grow in her care.

Deena Cooper is committed to Dog Training

With over 15 years of experience with dog training, Deena Cooper knows how to effectively work with dogs and their owners. She offers a multitude of dog training classes on topics ranging from puppy conditioning, to agility, and even outdoor behavior shaping classes. Throughout all of her classes, Deena Cooper upholds several values for effective training.

Positive reinforcement is a big factor in Deena Cooper’s work with dogs. She knows that positive reinforcement can be one of the most effective tools for training dogs, as it focuses on praising good behavior and ignoring negative behaviors. Deena Cooper knows that positive reinforcement can sometimes be more effective than negative punishment, as it allows dogs to feel good about themselves while forming connections between good behavior and positive praise from their owners.

Similarly, Deena Cooper also believes in being proactive, not reactive. She knows that proactively working with your dog leads to better results than just reacting to negative situations. She believes that a proactive stance to dog training leads to better behavior and a stronger dog-owner relationship. Being proactive allows owners to take the lead and demonstrate the kind of behavior they expect from their dogs. Deena Cooper knows that dogs crave structure and reinforcement from their owners, which owners can provide through a proactive attitude.

Finally, Deena Cooper is also an advocate for setting your dog up for success. She knows that dogs are eager to learn, and that a positive attitude from owners leads to success from their dogs.

Former PABA Attendee: Deena Cooper

As an individual who is passionate and committed to dog training, Deena Cooper regularly attended the Professional Animal Behavior Association (PABA) at the University of Guelph until last year. PABA is an annual three-day professional seminar held at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. PABA is designed to address new advances to the world of working with dogs. Originally intended as a one-time lecture on the topic of how dogs learn, PABA received a great response from attendees and developed into a yearly symposium. PABA was founded in 1992, and hosted its 22nd seminar in 2012.

Deena Cooper attended PABA for several years, and learned much from the lectures. Although she already has impressive experience with dog training, she attended PABA each year to improve her knowledge of the field. Deena Cooper also found that PABA enabled her to stay current with recent developments in the canine world. She incorporated much of what she learned into her own work with dogs in her training classes, walking services, and overnight kennel.

Although she no longer attends PABA on an annual basis, Deena Cooper is still committed to staying up to date with advancements in the field. She knows that it is important to stay current with topics such as new training therapies and physiological discoveries, as she can use new information in her own work with dogs. As working with dogs is her passion in life, Deena Cooper always strives to increase her knowledge base and skills in the field.

Deena Cooper’s Experience with Dog Training Products

In addition to running a successful canine bed and breakfast and a myriad of dog training classes, Deena Cooper has also created and marketed her own training products for pet owners. Her website offers a variety of products for sale designed to increase your dog’s agility, maneuverability, and obedience skills.

To increase physical movement and agility skills, Deena Cooper’s website has devices including fabric tunnels, bar jumps, and ring jumps. These devices are intended for home use by owners and dogs, and are compact in design for easy storage. For obedience training, Deena Cooper has created her own brand of dog treats and also offers a puppy tote bag with a variety of toys and treats for training. Additionally, for a limited time, customers who sign up for one of her classes will receive puppy training kits at discounted price. These kits serve as a great complement to Deena Cooper’s training classes, and are ensured to get your dog off to a good start with obedience training.

Deena Cooper’s dog treats are of particular mention. Dog Liver Treats were the first treats to feature a single ingredient: pure beef liver. Deena Cooper knows that other treats can be loaded with unnecessary artificial ingredients, which is why she chose to make simple, healthy treats based on one ingredient. Pet owners have embraced Deena Cooper’s Dog Liver Treats for their nutritious quality, and dogs love the taste of them. Deena Cooper’s Dog Liver Treats are a perfect combination of healthy and nutritious!

Dogs make sense to Deena Cooper

For philosophers and kings, “know thyself” is a great phrase to live by. But for dog owners, “know thy pet” may be even more useful. Many pet owners do not know anything about their dog, other than the breed and the fact that Fido doesn't cooperate. Fortunately for these pet owners, dogs make sense to Deena Cooper. In Deena Cooper's eyes, clients’ pets are more than four legs, a tail, and a lot of barking. For Deena Cooper, pets have distinct personalities that have to be taken into account while they are being trained.

Deena Cooper makes a point, as she trains dogs, to teach their owners about the peculiar behaviors their dogs are exhibiting. This way, Deena Cooper can help her clients obtain a better grasp on the personality of their particular pooch. Deena Cooper doesn’t just train dogs and puppies – she also works in behavior modification, to help dogs with fear issues and even separation anxiety.

This understanding of canine personality did not come out of the blue for Deena Cooper. Long years went by as Deena Cooper worked to gain the understanding she now holds dear. However, the years of work Deena Cooper has put toward understanding dogs has paid off and she now truly understands why dogs act the way they do.

Deena Cooper also knows that she does not know everything there is to know about canine behavior. She knows that there is no way to completely predict what a dog will do. Because of this, Deena Cooper is constantly looking to gain greater understanding of what is going on in the head of each hound that comes into her office. To this end, Deena Cooper has attended the Professional Animal Behavior Association symposium each year for the past decade, searching for greater understanding.

As her knowledge grows, Deena Cooper will continue to make it a point to teach her clients as much as she can about their dogs’ behaviors and help them retrain their pets in a way that takes canine personality into account.

3 Reasons Why Deena Cooper Recommends Taking an Obedience Class

Deena Cooper is a professional dog trainer with over 15 years of experience, and she runs several obedience classes on a variety of training topics. As a trainer, she has seen firsthand how much obedience classes can make a difference in dog behavior. She recommends that all pet owners participate in at least one obedience or training class with their dog at some point.

The first reason that Deena Cooper recommends taking an obedience class is the obvious reason: it teaches dogs how to behave appropriately. Deena Cooper knows that even the most out-of-control dogs can benefit from obedience classes, and she has seen numerous examples of dogs whose behavior was completely turned around after taking an obedience class.

Secondly, Deena Cooper knows that obedience classes promote bonding between dogs and their owners. Obedience classes not only increase respect between you and your dog by establishing master and pet roles, but they also are fun experiences to participate in together. As dogs love to play and have fun, they will appreciate you for taking them to such classes.

Finally, Deena Cooper recommends obedience classes because they are great opportunities for you and your dog to meet new people and expand your respective social networks. Deena Cooper has seen many people and dogs make new friends through her classes, which can be beneficial down the line if you are looking for walking buddies, play dates for your dog, or even people to look after your dog if you go on vacation.