Surprise Jim on his birthday!

(he's turning 52 on Friday, May 15th)

I'm feeling nostalgic, since the last time I threw Jim a party he was 25...

and now our daughter is turning 25!! Wow, hasn't time flown by? So, my "theme" for the party is 52 reasons why we love Jim Rudolph! (I know there are at least that many reasons)

So, instead of sending him a birthday card, take a card from a deck and write on it with Sharpie: I love / like Jim Rudolph because...... and bring it with you to the party. ONE PER PERSON so that there are LOTS! If you're afraid you won't remember to do it, I will have decks of cards ready to go with Sharpies when you arrive. If you insist on mailing it to me, mail it c/o Orange High School 32000 Chagrin Blvd. Pepper Pike, OH 44124. I just can't guarantee how quickly it will get to me within our District. I will put them all together for him to read, and it will be great!!

Jim's Surprise Party

Friday, May 15th, 5:45pm

55 Barrington Town Square

Aurora, OH

This service has no RSVP feature, so please email me @

even though this is a personal event.....