Electronic Engineers

By: Caleb Doyle

Branch of Science

I think this a physical science job because it has to do with electronic designing and electronic device interiors. It also has nothing to do with life or earth science.

Education Path

You need a bachelor's degree in electronics and communications engineering technologies. If You want this job, some helpful high school courses are chemistry, physics, technical writing and advanced algebra.

Training School and College

I chose The Milwaukee School of Engineering Located in Milwaukee WI. It's an urban, private university. Bachelor's and master's degrees are offered. The student to faculty ratio is 12:1, and the average class size is 20 students. No GPA, ACT or SAT listed

About the Job

Electrical Engineers draw up, make and test electrical components. They design products with specific limits, and also do internal electronics. They will also design prototypes, in which they test, to fix problems and mishaps. Their working conditions are in a lab or office and they will work about 40 hours a week. They sometimes have to travel to a site to test their equipment. Traveling varies on the site, so you may need to travel a bit.

What Factors affect Employment

There are a decent amount of employers, but since they're's only roughly 20 companies, I doubt it is a common job. But that's just in North Eastern Wisconsin, they're may be many more in other locations that offer more openings than here.


57,370-107,900 a year for Wisconsin and 57,860- 135,080 for national, so all in all, you could make some good money.


One of the few employers in northeastern Wisconsin is CPD Engineering inc., the company is located on 126 Mott street Ocanto WI. 54153, there are more scattered around Wisconsin.


Is this a job I could see myself doing someday? The pros are good money with experience, even without, it's still good money, cons are that this is a job I would be working everyday, not enjoying. My interests now are in being a professional driver, and being an electrical engineer is not really my style. It just seems to be a tad bit boring compared to other jobs who offer the same, if not more money, for all of those years in college.


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