Go Gaga ball

By: Lizette Sevilla and Sarai Gonzalez

Main Idea of the article

Gaga ball has became a popular game is similar to dodgeball but it less complicated and easier to play. Parents like this game because it is easier to play and it gives all player a chance to play and have fun.


"Gaga ball is not a new game, but recently had become a popular game"This quote is important to the article b/c it shows that gaga ball has became from a simple game to a popular game.

"Soft ball and walled-in space help to keep the sport safe and easy to play" This quote is important b/c it tells why people should play this game.

Important Vocabulary

  • Gaga Pit- it is important b/c it is a the where you play Gaga Ball
  • Gaga Ball- it is important b/c it is what the main article is mostly about
  • Dodge ball- It is important b/c it is similar to gaga ball
  • Cliff Sliverman- It is important b/c it is the inventor of the game

Author's purpose

The author's purpose is that gaga ball is a safe game for both children and adult and it gives every player has a chance to play and have fun.


Question: How did Gaga Ball impacted the population?

Answer: People, such as parents and teacher say that gaga ball is a safe game to play and all children can play.

Question: Why do teacher and parents prefer gaga ball?

Answer: Teachers and parents prefer gaga ball because when kids play they can play and don't have to professional at this also they may get scrapes but not any big complains. Gaga ball is of the most popular games and safest


At Madison Elementary kids are playing Gaga Ball a game similar to dodge ball. Every kid excited to see who is the winner. Gaga ball is not a new game, but it became popular. It all started in 2010 when Cliff Silverman went to a father-daughter camp they were playing Gaga Ball that game inspired him to make a Gaga pit. From there he started showing people how to play it and then it became a popular game. Now parents and teacher think that game less harmful and you don't have to be a professional or an athlete to play this game.