THS Choir Newsletter

January 19th, 2020

I hope you have a restful three day weekend. I am thoroughly enjoying hearing all of the students perform their solos, whether they are competing or not. There will be a second upload next week where they perform with the accompaniment only. More information in the body of the newsletter.

THS choir weekly calendar

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Choir bowling party

Cuttime Financial Statements

I will try to send out updated financial statements this week. This statement is to make sure that my records are correct. In the process of converting to Cuttime, several accounts were duplicated which resulted in expenses and payments being recorded in separate places. Additionally, inasmuch as I strive for precise bookkeeping, the process of recording transactions in three places with daily interruptions lends itself to occasional mistakes. Please peruse them and let me know if there are discrepancies.

Flag Fundraiser HELP! Three ways to help!

Our flag fundraiser not only raises money for our students on the spring trip, but it also keeps our choir fees low. Here are the easy ways you can help;

  • Set out flags for Presidents' day. Students can receive a letter jacket point, or it can go towards their trip account.
  • Set out flyers in your neighborhood. Students can receive a letter jacket point per subdivision.
  • Put the link on your social media and/or Nextdoor/subdivsion social pages

This is our most important fundraiser and the community loves it. Please help us with this awesome fundraiser.

Click for the flag information link. PLEASE SHARE!

Let's flood the community. Residents must live in the THS attendance zone.

2nd Solo upload due Saturday

  • Solo upload #1 was due yesterday for a major grade. I will accept it late with points off.
  • Solo upload #2 will be due by next Saturday. Students will need to upload their solo with ONLY accompaniment. The upload will be to google classroom. I will have chromebooks available during class for students who do not have access to technology at home.


  • All links are in google classroom.

  • Choir pdfs

  • Youtube videos of solos

  • Solo Accompaniments and audio links

  • Official solo entries

Pop Show Ideas

Although our pop show isn't until May, I want students' input now. Our theme is the 2000s, so we have 20 years of music from which to choose. Click here for a student survey.

Choir Trip UPDATE

Students should have:

$275.00 paid towards the trip.

Trip contract.

The payment schedule and the trip contract can be found on the choir trip page of my website. Please check your child's cuttime account.

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Contact Me

I know this is a lot of information. Please feel free to email me at with any questions.