William Allen White Books


How it Works

  • Read at least seven books from the 3rd-5th grade list or four books from the 6th-8th grade list by Friday, April 5.
  • Let Mrs. Yoder or Mrs. Buller know what you've read. Be prepared to share details and what you think!
  • Those who have read the required number of books and reported to Mrs. Yoder by Friday, April 5 will be invited to a breakfast/voting party Tuesday, April 9.

3rd-5th Grades Master List

Step Right Up: How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World About Kindness by Donna Janell Bowman

  • illustrated biography (IL 921 KEY)
  • Historical story of William "Doc" Key, a slave growing up before the Civil War who had a special way with animals.
  • When the Civil War ended and Doc was freed, he got a colt he named Jim. He planned to breed it as a racehorse, but instead nursed it back to health when it was born weak and sickly.
  • Over time, Doc noticed Jim's interest in learning, and eventually taught the horse letters, numbers, simple math, and more. Doc and Jim traveled the country teaching about kindness and patience for animals.
  • Publisher: Lee and Low Books

Giant Squid by Candace Fleming

  • illustrated informational nonfiction (IL 594 FLE)
  • One of the most elusive creatures in the world, scientists could only piece together information about the squid from clues they leave behind.
  • The giant squid was filmed in its natural habitat for the first time only two years ago.
  • This book explores the life of this mysterious creature.
  • Publisher: Roaring Book Press

When Green Becomes Tomatoes: Poems for All Seasons by Julie Fogliano

  • illustrated poetry (IL 811 FOG)
  • A beautiful, gentle book of poetry describing each of the seasons.
  • Publisher: Roaring Brook Press

Full of Beans by Jennifer Holm

  • historical fiction (F HOL)
  • Beans knows for sure that grown ups lie. He and his gang can spot a whopper a mile away.
  • But growing up in 1934, in the middle of the Great Depression, in Key West means it doesn't really matter.
  • Beans has big plans for himself, but may have to learn how to deal with the consequences of his decisions.
  • Publisher: Random House Children's Books

Animals by the Numbers: a Book of Animal Infographics by Steve Jenkins

  • illustrated informational nonfiction (IL 590 JEN)
  • This book answers all kinds of questions about animals you didn't even know you had in the form of charts, graphs, tables, and illustrations.
  • Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark by Debbie Levy

  • illustrated biography (IL 921 GIN)
  • Tells the story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the celebrated Supreme Court Justice. She proves that just because you disagree does not necessarily mean you are disagreeable!
  • This book helps us learn about Ginsburg's life through the cases where she disagreed.
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Pax by Sara Pennypacker

  • action/adventure (historical?) fiction (F PEN)
  • Pax a a kit when his family was killed; Peter found and raised him. But now Peter has to go live with his grandfather because of the war, and Pax gets left behind.
  • This novel is told in alternating chapters from Pax's and Peter's points of view, trying to find each other again.
  • Publisher: HarperCollins

As Brave as You by Jason Reynolds

  • realistic fiction (F REY)
  • Genie and his brother are having a summer full of surprises. First, they're leaving Brooklyn for the very first time to visit their grandparents in Virginia in the country. Then, Genie figures out his grandpop is blind!
  • Genie has to figure out what bravery is--is it his grandpop dealing with his blindness, or the fact that he NEVER leaves his house, or what his brother won't do?
  • Publisher: Caitlyn Diouhy/Atheneum/Simon & Schuster

Prairie Dog Song by Susan L. Roth

  • illustrated informational nonfiction (IL 599.36 ROT)
  • When scientists discovered a region in Mexico where native grasses still flourished and prairie dogs still lived, even after those things were destroyed in other parts of the prairie, they decided they needed to investigate.
  • Could there be a way to preserve the prairie's ecosystem and bring back the plants and animals that had disappeared?
  • Publisher: Lee and Low Books

Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan

  • realistic fiction (F WEE)
  • Joe and Ravi come from very different places, but they're both stuck at school feeling a little left out.
  • At first they don't think they have anything in common, but soon they have a common enemy, the class bully, and a common mission to bring them together.
  • Publisher: Scholastic Press

6th-8th Grades Master List

Ms. Bixby's Last Day by John David Anderson

  • realistic fiction (F AND)
  • Ms. Bixby is one of those teachers that is one of a kind. That is special to everyone and that no one wants to disappoint.
  • When Ms. Bixby announces to her class that she is very sick and won't be able to finish the year, Topher, Brand, and Steve decide they need to do something special for her.
  • This book is told from all three points of view and helps us imagine just how much Ms. Bixby means to the boys based on what they're willing to do.
  • Publisher: Walden Pond/HarperCollins

Fuzzy by Tom Angleberger and Paul Dellinger

  • fantasy/science fiction (F ANG)
  • Max (short for Maxine) befriends her new robot classmate, Fuzzy, and helps him learn the ins and outs, the good and bad, of middle school.
  • Little do they know that there is an evil student evaluation system at school named BARBARA going to extremes to shape the perfect student!
  • Publisher: Amulet Books

Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

  • fantasy/science fiction (F BAR)
  • This book includes a good witch, magic that comes from starlight--and moonlight--, a wise Swamp Monster, and a Perfectly Tiny Dragon. It also includes a girl with the power to protect the people she loves, but may mean losing everything she's ever known.
  • Publisher: Workman

Soar by Joan Bauer

  • realistic fiction (F BAU)
  • Jeremiah is the world's biggest baseball fan. When he is told he can't play anymore, he decides he'll do the next best thing and become a coach.
  • Jeremiah and his dad Walt have just moved to Hillcrest and Jeremiah thinks he'll be able to enjoy the sport in his new role. What he learns though, is that he's going to have to work hard to get anyone in his town to even give baseball a chance again.
  • Publisher: Puffin Books/Penguin

Unbound: a novel in verse by Ann E. Burg

  • historical fiction, novel in verse (F BUR)
  • When Grace gets called to the Big House to work there instead of the slave cabins, she is warned to keep her head down and her thoughts quiet. But when Grace sees what is happening in the Big House, she just can't keep her voice inside her head.
  • When her thoughts escape without warning, it sets off events that force her and her family into the swamp where they have to face wild animals, slave patrollers, and the uncertainty of ever having freedom.
  • Publisher: Scholastic Press

One Half From the East by Nadia Hashimi

  • realistic fiction (F HAS)
  • Set in modern day Afghanistan, this book centers around Obayda and her family. Her father has lost one of his legs in a bomb explosion, and the family is struggling. The decision is made that Obayda is going to become a "bacha posh," a preteen girl dressed as a boy.
  • At first Obayd is lonely, but soon she discovers a friend--and freedom.
  • But this newfound freedom won't last forever, unless the two friends can figure out a way to make it endure.
  • Publisher: HarperCollins

Ghost by Jason Reynolds

  • sports (F REY)
  • Ghost's game is ball, not running, but that's what he's spent a lot of his life doing. And when he challenges one of the best runners to a race--and wins--the coach knows he's got talent.
  • Ghost also has anger, though, and a past he's trying to outrun. Will he be able to focus his speed for the team, or will his past finally catch up with him?
  • Publisher: Caitlyn Diouhy/Atheneum/Simon & Schuster

Samurai Rising: the Epic Life of Minamoto Yoshitsume by Pamela Turner

  • biography (F MIN)
  • Yoshitsune: child exile, teenage runaway, military genius, immortal hero. He should not have been a samurai, but because of his brains, ambition, and a dream, he learned the art and became the greatest samurai in Japanese history.
  • You won't believe this one is true.
  • Publisher: Charlesbridge

Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

  • historical fiction (F WOL)
  • Annabelle lives in quiet Pennsylvania during WWII, and mostly her life is good. Until Betty Glengarry begins school, and it becomes obvious that Betty is a bully. At first Betty's cruelty is sort of random, but then she begins picking on Toby, a WWI veteran.
  • Even though most people think Toby is sort of strange, Annabelle has only known him to be kind. She must decide how she is going to stand up to Betty and have the courage to fight (with words) for justice.
  • Publisher: Dutton/Penguin

Happy reading!