Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester

Barbara O'Connor

About This Book

This book's title is The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester.

It is written by By Barbara O’Connor.

Its Genre is Realistic Fiction.

This book takes place in Carter, GA.

The time of this book is anonymous.

My favorite Character

My favorite character of this story is Owen because he takes risks that might end in embarrassment and he thinks how to makes things better. He is also very daring and tries things that are not very safe. He also has a great personality; happy but desperate. He is also very caring and does anything to help his pet frog Tooley.

The Conflict

Two things at once?

The main conflict of the novel is that Owen and his friends, Travis and Stumpy catch a bullfrog named Tooley. Owen seems happy that he has a new pet, but Tooley seems to be sick. One day while Owen is in bed, he hears a rumble tumble. The next day he goes outside and figures what it is; a submarine. Tooley seems to be getting sicker every day. Now Owen has two things to deal with; the submarine and Tooley. Owen figures out that Tooley is homesick. Now Owen has two things to deal with; Tooley and the submarine.

Why I recommend this book

I recommend this book to readers because it tells that people can do anything with teamwork; even if it seems impossible.