Husky Herald

Weekly Update

September 14-18

Monday, September 14th


Due to extremely hazardous air quality, everyone is encouraged to stay inside! For safety, meal deliveries have been cancelled and staff have been given the option to work from home. Comprehensive Distance Learning will continue - please stay safe!

Connecting with students during Week 1

Week #1

7-12 Husky Ticket Winner


K-6 Husky Ticket Winner


Attendance Reminder

Elementary - required to check in with their classroom teacher at least 1x/day

Secondary - required to check in with every teacher for their enrolled courses at least 1x/day.

How can I check in?

  • Be present on LIVE google meets
  • Email
  • Text / Call
  • Google Hangout
  • Submit an Assignment

The format for which you check in is very flexible! Just ensure that students are connecting with their teacher(s) on a daily basis.

Student Resources

Virtual Counseling Office

Connect with Ms. Bomberger!

Meal Pickups

Tuesday-Friday from 12:00 - 12:30pm

Pickup locations:

  • Grass Valley Baptist Church
  • Moro Courthouse
  • Wasco Depot
  • Rufus Community Center
Meals Sign Up Flyer

In order to receive these meals throughout distance learning, you will need to sign up.

Free/Reduce Lunch Application

Income thresholds have recently changed - make sure you apply!

WiFi Hotspots

Locations Available

Moro City Park

Wasco City Park

Rufus City Hall

Grass Valley Park