North America

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North America

North America has survived some pretty bad times over the century. America has survived world wars, civil wars, and just regular wars. Mexico survived gang wars, illegal trade, and illegal immigration to the United States of America . Canada survived the revolutionary war with the United States of America. Panama survived Operation Just Cause by the United States of America in 1989. Now a thank you to our sponsors

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Statistics for North America


Population- 352 Million

Birth Rate per 1,000-12

Death Rate per 1,000-8

Natural Increase-0.4%

Doubling Time-175 yrs.

Literacy Rate/ M-96% F-95%

Fertility Rate-1.9%

Infant Mortality Rate per 1,000-6

Life Expectancy-79 yrs.

Access to Sanitation/ U-100% R-99%

People for one doctor-120

Urban Population-81%

Arable Population-1.5%

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