Once a dream, now reality

George Davidkov

From Foreign Land To Lady Liberty

Step into the shoes of my mom as she encounters her experiences as a young immigrant, through getting her citizenship and finally becoming a citizen of America. Immigrants come to America to start fresh with a clean slate. Some make use of their time here, for example working hard, applying for a job, and making relationships. I’m sure you know what kind of things fall into the con section. America is an opportunity use it well and your dreams of success here will skyrocket.

George Davidkov

George by George Davidkov

Interview Transcript

What is something significant in your life that’s happened? When I think back, the two most significant things that happened in my life were coming to the United States when I was twenty four, and then having three wonderful kids. How did you feel moving to another continent? I felt very happy, and very excited and I couldn't wait, remember exactly the date it was April 1, 1997. I was so happy and so excited I couldn’t wait to see the country that I always watched in the movies, and to see if its really so wonderful and it really is. What do you miss about Bulgaria? What do I miss? I miss, usually around Christmas I have these wonderful memories about my childhood, oh what about if I was there with the same people. But then I try to have this coziness in my home for my kids. There you walk everywhere so the distances are smaller and you meet everyone and you know everyone in your town. Do you prefer to read books in English or Bulgarian? For many years I have been reading in Bulgarian. But five or six years ago, because I was thinking that the way I understand the other language I can enjoy the other books. But somebody gave me a book I think if was called the life of bee’s, and it was such a great book. I found out that I can enjoy reading a book in a different language and since then I was reading mostly in English and I really enjoy it and I like it. What is your favorite book. I don’t have a favorite book, because my favorite book is the last one that I read, and know I read My Sister Is A Keeper, and it was a great book. In Bulgarian I read poetry because with poetry it’s different I cannot really enjoy poetry in English, so In Bulgarian I read poetry.

The Start of Something New

I echo the sound of faint taps in the hallway. With confidence I walk, with poise I stepped. I’ve traveled far, seen many breathtaking places. I am not in control of myself, I am controlled by a young lady looking for opportunity in life. Scared but not alone, alongside is her husband. I’m always with the lady, firmly attached until she decides to take me off. We step inside a warm place called home, at least its what the couple call it. Propped up by the door I see the snow fall and the sun shine. The couple has packed their bags and are to forgo their trip. She leans down slides me on and tugs me on her feet and admires my smooth, leathery texture. We step outside into the frigid, crisp air. Every step taken by her I feel the soft, frosty snow up against the side of me. We are seated as soon as we arrive at the airport. I could tell the lady was nervous as she curled her toes.

“Ding Dong,” the flight attendant said, “passengers may board plane head to America.”

At this time she was trembling so much it was like a massage for me. The man reached over held her hand and smiled. As soon as we boarded we collectedly waited in the seats of the plane. The plane let out a large roar and in a second we were moving through air. All I could see was that noisy little cart move up and down the walkway, and of course I saw all the bottoms of the seats. How I would die to see a view the couple saw.

I woke up to a loud thump. The plane skated across the landing space and finally halted to a stop. On the way out I stepped on and tasted so many of the spilled drinks and peanuts on the floor. We left the building and stepped into a brand new world. The couple gazed into each others eyes and kissed for the start of something new.

Lady Liberty

People everyday sit in their homes dreading their country’s insufficiency and economic struggle. Most of the time the place to be is in the U.S. Our country is such a heaven in foreigners eyes, rumors spread that our country had the streets paved in gold. America is a great, free country but once immigrants start coming, they see that not everything is so great. Some end up homeless some end up rich. It depends on how they play their cards. A huge problem is some immigrants’ suffer from becoming homesick, and depressed from being away from family.

In the late 1800’s depression was common because of how much immigrants miss family. Back then an entire family would work to send one person to America. Even today this is common “(The Immigrant Journey)”. There is a desire to leave your home country because of poverty or insufficiency. Leaving everything behind has "high psychological costs," as New York Times said in their article about home sick immigrants “(Many Still Live)”. Immigrants find it hard to overcome the depression and few want to speak about it because they become saddened by the thought of there family.

Technology makes us think that Skype, and social media makes everything easier. "free video calling easy to be together even when you are not,”(Many Still Live)”. The illusion of technology comforting people by talking to other people hundreds of thousands of miles away. If technology were to actually stop the feeling of homesick, it would have already done it a long time ago. Technology has failed to defeat the feeling of homesickness even though with technology families are connected better than ever before. The Carnegie Corporation of New York showed that In 2002, only 28 percent of immigrants called home in the first week of arrival (Many Still Live). In 2009 it skyrocketed to 66 percent, we can only imagine what it is now. Studies have shown that people immigrating to America suffer high rates of depression and stress. I think this occurs because every time they call home they are reminded of how much love they share.

To immigrate is the biggest decision of someone’s life. It involves starting over and leaving everything behind. It is exciting but has a high physiological cost. People often feel and become nostalgic and homesick. Which could be indescribable. To feel extremely sad about not being in a place that is sacred to you. Overall I covered the problems with technological communication, and leaving your family behind. It is a very long process because it seems when there wasn’t technology to communicate it was saddening, but now that there is it seems they are reminded of their loved ones and miss them even more. In most cases it is a long journey for an immigrant to become used to a new place.

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A New Chapter

Different World

Am scared but I am ready

Brand new beginning

Across the ocean

Millions of dreams away

Lay a foreign land

Huge dreams of fortune

Yet so close but yet so far

Within an arms reach

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