Messina's Mark

Thursday December 11, 1673

Crazy week at Casa de Leonato

This eventful week at Leonato's humble home started with Signor Benedick and Beatrice were once star-crossed lovers, but their ego took a relationship of love and hate. The two exes were to meet again. After the battle of brothers, where Don Pedro reigned victorious over Don John, the revelers came to celebrate with Leonato's friends and family. There the young lovers, Hero and Claudio fell head over heels after having only met; it was love at first sight. That night, Claudio asked for Hero's hand in marriage. Don John wanted to corrupt the happiness by framing Hero of no longer being a pure maid. When all of this was happening, Hero was being faithful and planning the wedding. Claudio's young mind and hot temper got the best of him and at the wedding called out Hero of her "sins". All whilst this young love unfold, old love was to blossom as Beatrice and Benedick fell in love, all over agian. Hero, after being cursed of her "wrongs", pretends to be dead and goes into hiding for as little as a night. Claudio then starts blaming himself