Chloe Brown 5th hour


Cheer leading ranges from many different range such as preforming in front of a crowd to yelling at a game. Routines last usually about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. In routines there is tumbling, cheer, stunting and jumps. Today there is about 1.5 million people that do competitive/ all-star cheer today. Some people don't think cheer leading is a sport, but it really is! Just because we don't throw a ball or make points we throw people in the air and we actually "CATCH" them! We also compete and try our hardest. Yes, people do get hurt and people fall from stunts but its very fun to do. Not the falling or anything but if you do it means you were trying your hardest! Cheer is the best sport ever!


There are many different types of teams that you could do such as school sponsored, middle and high school, college, all-star, and professional cheer. I do all-star which is also called competitive cheer too. I cheer at TLC Twistars across from the high school, I’m on the teams called Dazzle and Glimmer. Cheer is really fun, I love to stunt and tumble the most. Most of my friends are on my competitive cheer team. When I get older I want to be a coach for competitive cheer leading. Competitive cheer is when you go to competitions, compete, and get placed.