Willemstad Times

By. Gabrielle


Interview with phillip

WT: Phillip how did this all start?

Phillip: Well on April 6, 1942 at 3:00 a.m my mom and I were on the S.S Hato that got torpedoed, then the next thing I new I was on a raft with a old black man.

WT: How did you feel when you woke up on a raft with a black man?

Phillip: I was actually kinda scared being there with out my mom alone on a raft with a complete stranger.

WT: How did you become blind?

Phillip: I had a bad headache and Timothy told me to lye down and rest and don't look at the sun, but during that time a had gone and look at the sun anyway then a while later I woke up and every thing look dark to me so I asked Timothy is it night and he looked at confused and said "tis day time" and I started to panic cause I couldn't see my hand or anything and that's when I realized I was blind.

WT: How did feel being blind?

Phillip: I felt teriffied.

WT: Who is Timothy you mentioned before?

Phillip: Timothy was the black man I got stuck on the raft with.

Interview with phillip continues

WT: Did you like Timothy?

Phillip: Well at first I didn't like him because he was a stubborn old man and treated me like a little kid when I was almost 12 years old. Then as time went on I started gorwing closer to him like he was my friend.

WT: Did you have any pets with you on the raft?

Phillip: Yes, there was ac at nemed stew cat and he was the chefs cat who had washed up on the shore with me.

WT: How did you fell about stew cat?

Phillip: I loved stew cat because at night he would coudle up on feet and he was with me when ever Timothy went out looking for food to eat.

WT: How did you end up on the island?

Phillip: Timothy say an island off the the shore and said we would reach land very soon, and by the sound of his voice I could tell he was verey happy.

WT: How did you feel about getting rescued?

Phillip: I felt a little bit over welmed because after four months of being on an island i finally get rescued and get to come home to my parents.

WT: How did you feel about getting your eye site back?

Phillip: I felt relived that i would be able to see again because not having eye site was kinda rough for me and was hoping every day that I would get it back and I finally have.

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PERSONALITY: old, respectful, cares, stingy, cusses, helpful, crazy, doesn't like cats, nice, likes ships, has ascent, calls white people boss, fear of sharks, brave, stubborn. KNOWLEDGE: smart, knows history, food saver, resourceful. BACKGROUND: orphan, talks weird, west Indian. DISABILITIES: can't spell. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: strong, mussels. Timothy died in a terrible storm on the cay were Phillip was rescued. What made him special was the fact that he didn't care what other people looked like on the outside he cared about them for them and not their appearance.
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National News

During WW2 in curacao there were a lot of wars and batles between countries, for example( Brazil declares war on Germany and Italy, United State sand Philipines troops fight the Battle of Bataan against Japanese forces.) There was also a lot killing and explosions happing.