A look inside satire

Using Family Guy

Who is being satirized and why?

In the short clip for the Family Guy episode, it shows that the family guy crew is making fun of Asian drivers. It is making fun of Asian drivers because Asian drivers are known for being really bad drivers. They showed the Asian driver cutting across a bunch of lanes on the highway without putting on her blinker.

What is the clips "pretend argument" and what is the "real argument?"

In my opinion, I do not think there is a pretend or real argument, because (in my opinion), I think family was spot on about the joke. They are making fun of the way Asians drive.

What are the rhetorical devices does the clip use to make its point? How does this clip use those devices effectively?

One of the rhetorical devices the clip uses is imagery (Obviously). When we think of Asian drivers, we all think of terrible driving, and this clip has brought the visions in our head to the screen.

The clip also uses logos, because it is showing the image of the Asian driver being bad. They show that the Asian driver should be using the turn signal, but she doesn't They use logic to show us that obviously you should turn on your turn signal, but she doesn't, making her a bad driver.