The Shining Star

Anderson-Shiro Jr/Sr High School

Welcome Back

Welcome back from what I hope was a restful and rejuvenating weekend. With so much going on in our school and several of us being pulled in many different directions for various reasons, I want to ensure that communication doesn’t’ suffer. So, this will be the first bi-weekly newsletter of 2014. I hope you find these newsletters to be informative and entertaining.

Why the Shining Star?

I would like to start off by explaining why the newsletter is named The Shining Star. A few weeks ago Mrs. Lyde shared why the design committee put stars on the entrances of our building, explaining the symbolism behind them. I had walked beneath them every morning and afternoon for a year and hadn’t thought of them as anything more than just pretty decorations. How wrong I was! The committee decided that the school building, which would sit on the top of the hill overlooking Anderson, was in fact the star of the community. I couldn’t agree more. The first complement heard from every visitor to our campus is how “beautiful our school looks sitting on top of this hill.” The second is, “what a view”. In fact, our school is the star of the community!! However, that wouldn’t be true without every single one of YOU!!!! Without you and the hard work you put into making sure our students are successful, it would just be a building with stars on the entrance. What you guys make it through dedication and hard work is the star of our community. You are the Shining Stars and I am proud to be the principal at a school where I can shine brightly because of you! Thank you for all of the hard work you put into what you do in order to ensure that ALL students are successful.
Earth Wind and Fire- Shining Star


I would like to remind you that unannounced observations have begun. Unlike last year, you will not be given a two-week window.

Also, during an informal walk-through we are focusing on Higher Order Thinking skills.