Minor and major trouble.

Do minors get more rights than adults?

Minor and "adult" caught with beer after curfew.

Devan, a 19-year-old, and his good friend, Jack, a 17-year-old, are sitting and talking in Devan’s car, parked in an empty municipal lot around midnight on a Thursday. A police officer on patrol happens upon the teens and decides to check their IDs, since an 11 p.m. curfew is in effect on school nights. When the officer peers into the car window to talk with the youths, he spots a partially consumed six-pack of beer. The 19-year-old is taken into custody. Another officer arrives on the scene to escort the 17-year-old home to his parents.

Should they both be treated the same?

Why did the police treat the 19-year-old differently from the 17-year-old? So the answer is no, because minors have less rights meaning they obtain less rights than adults do until they are 18, they are also not responsible for the same thing that adults are. A few rights that minors have are equal protection of the children rights, freedom from discrimination and free from abuse. Adults on the other hand have all rights and the age of majority or "becoming an adult' is 18 but technically it is the day before your 18th birthday.

What charges are they going to face?

Reasons why the minor is being treated differently is because he is a minor and minors typically get second chances when they do wrong. The adult on the other hand will face many charges against him. These could include teaching the young kid how to make decisions and also preparing the child.