Christie Newsletter No.2

Staying Connected, Collaborative, and Committed

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Important Reminders

* DRILL DAY this THURSDAY! Please make sure that you practice all your drills with your students prior to Thursday. Also, make sure that your new emergency exit map is up in your classrooms.

Important Events & Dates

  • September 10th, Drill Day
  • September 11th, FML *** PLEASE communicate this with parents!
  • September 15th & 17th - Curriculum Night
  • September 16th, Staff PD/PLT


Great JOB Julie, Kim S., Holly, and Sebastian for TWEETING out your learning! So awesome!!! Let's celebrate - go to #christieconnects & join in the FUN! Keep up the TWEETS!

Remember to RETWEET or LIKE your friends' pics, that way all your parent and peer followers can join in.

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