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Physical features

My first physical feature is Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains. The second physical feature is Brazil's Amazon rain forest. My physical feature that I want to see is Brazil's Prainha Beach. All of these physical features are very popular places to visit.

Brazil's History

Brazil's history started with the independence movement. The king of Brazil left to Portugal. The king left the hands of Brazil to his son. The son turned the independence to the citizens to let them have freedom and rights of there own.There is no king there is a government.

Mexico's History

Mexico's independence movement was a war that started in September 6, 1810. The person who started this was a catholic priest by the name of Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla. He started the war of independence for mexico when they were fighting Grito de Dolores.

Environmental Concerns for Brazil

Brazil's amazon rain forest is being cut down one by one by deforestation. There are many ways you stop deforestation, I will list a few ways to help this concerns. You can help this concern by just not cutting down lots of trees. You can also plant trees so that you are taking away less trees and there sir that they provide for us and all living things. Every minute more than 200 trees are cut down in Brazil. That is how bad the deforestation is in Brazil.
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Government for mexico

Mexico's current leader/president Enrique Pene Niteo. Mexico's system of government is presidential system. There are to many deaths of people by bad people who brake into people houses. The police are not working hard enough to protect people from really bad people.

Mexico's Economy

Mexico's economy has a lot of exports and imports. The top three exports are automobiles, electronics, and TV. The top three imports are refined petroleum, car parts, and integrated circuit. Mexico's Literacy rate is 93.96%. So that means that most to almost all the people in mexico can read and write. Mexico's GPD is 1.261 USD in 2013.

This is not important but just something funny

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