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As a group

As a class we evaluated the positives and negatives of the Preliminary Task I created in a team with Samual Nolan and Tajmina . From the positives I will be picking out what we did successfully and what we will proceed to do in our final documentary launch. However, from the negatives we can see where we need to make improvements in order for our final documentary that we will be creating so that it is as professional as it can be.

Prelimary Task

In a group of three we made a prelimary documentary about mobile phones There where positives and negatives that we found out about our documentary from other members of the class.


The positives where that we had a variety of camera angles including close ups, long shots and over the shoulder shots. Also we had a variety of interviewees answering our question. Theese interviews where fluent and consistent through out. And our last positive from the class was that our interviews where positioned well and our cutaways where relevent.


All though we had a lot of positives there was also weaknesses to our documentary the music was to quiet and had no relevence to our documentary. Also we had no archive material which we should of added to keep the audience captivated. The last negative we had that one of the interviews was in the common room and there was to much going on as it was a loud bussy area which made it look unprofessional