Unit 1 Assessment- Self-Awarness

Christine Watters

What is positive self esteem and why is it important to have one?

Positive self esteem is where you don't doubt anything, you are always happy, caring, honest, and helpful. It is important to have a good self esteem for many reasons. If you don't have a good self esteem not as many people will talk to you or want to be around you, but if you have a good self esteem people will talk to you and want to be around you. It is also important because you have to believe in your self for other people to believe in you if you doubt you can do something you will never know because you never took a risk to try. If you have a good self esteem you are more than likely to succeed.

Who I am.

I am a very hyper, talkative, creative, honest, caring, helpful, smart, active, cool, nice, and outgoing. I like to be the leader and give orders. I am a very confident person and I go for what I believe in. What I do might not always turn out the way I want it to all that matters is that I tried and believed in myself. I never say that I can do something unless I have actually tried before and failed at doing it. I make goals and work towards them and never give up even if along the way it gets a little difficult trying to reach the goals. I never lent what anyone says about me affect who I am, because I know that nobody is perfect. I try not to let anyone down or break a promise but sometimes I have to.

My likes/dislikes


  • Music
  • Science
  • Being outdoors
  • Animals
  • Art
  • Soccer
  • Reading
  • Being social
  • Being Believed In
  • Doing everything I put my mind to
  • Helping
  • Succeeding


  • The cold
  • Being inside
  • Not being active
  • Being quite
  • Being Doubted
  • Lieing
  • Failing
  • Not Being able to do something

My interests

My interests Investigative and Artistic. I enjoy searching for facts and figuring out problems. Some of the career choices for Investigative are Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses, Anthropologist, and Area, Ethnic, and Cultural Studies Teacher, Postsecondary. I enjoy creativity in my work and work that can be done without a set of rules. Some of the career choice for Artistic are Acute Care Nurses, Critical Care Nurses, and Desktop Publisher.

My values

My values are good grades, friends, family, hard work, being successful, believing in others and myself, helping others, and working hard. I have a lot of values and those are only a few of them but that pretty much sums everything else up. My values are pretty much everything I have to do with on a daily bases. Like friends, family, school work, expanding my skills, and working with animals. I know that's not alot but those are the main things I value.

My skills

My skills are playing the clarinet, and science. I have a lot of other skills also but those are the main other ones I have. A couple others are cooking, art, music, investigating, and soccer. My skills are pretty much everything I do all the time and good at doing. But just because I am good at doing something doesn't mean I don't experiment with new things and try to expanded the way and come up with new ways to do something I can already do.
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My Three person match, and College and Career planing site facts.

My three person match is Prepress Manager/Commercial Printing, Mechanical Design Engineer, and Professor of Mathematical Science.

My learning style.

My learning style is Auditory and Tactile. It is 45% Auditory and 40% Tactile. Auditory learning is to learn better by hearing and listening more than anything else. Tactile learning is to learn better when it is physical rather than verbal. But I am more Tactile than Auditory. I like to be hands on when it come to learning new things because if I mess up I can always try again but if I am just listening or watching it is harder for me to understand what is being explained to me. Like if I am trying to build a pulley system I have to see and build it well I am being taught how to build it or I have problems figuring out how to build it if I was just told how not showed.

Connect success to respect & confidence to independence.

To be successful people have to respect you. To be independent you have to be confident. To have respect you have to be successful and achieve thing for people to respect you. You have to be confident to be independent because with out confidence you can't be independent because you will doubt everything you do and not give yourself a chance.

Pride in my work.

I take a lot of pride into my work. I take a lot of pride into my work because I know it will help me be more successful to take pride into what I am doing. Not only that if you work hard on something you should be proud of it even if in the end it doesn't always turn out the way you want it to.

My Personality type

My personality type is ENFJ. My personality type means- I am very talkative, think more about others than myself, organized, motivated, take on a heavy burden of other people, have tremendous power to manipulate people, judge a lot, and very caring.

My brain dominance

I am left brain dominance but I honestly think I am dominate on both side of my brain not just one. Left brain dominance means I work more with things that involve math and science. It also means That I think more, quiet, and investigate.

The type of lifestyle I want to have in the future.

The type of lifestyle I want to have in the future is a successful lifestyle. I want to graduate college with a veterinarian, fashion merchandising, or a management degree. I would like to have at least six to eight years of college and have my own business.

Does my personality REALLY affect my career choices?

No my personality doesn't Really affect my career choices. It actually expands my choices but keeps the ones I have decided on. Some of the career choice it give me are Social Services, Technical/Science, and Management. Some of the jobs in those fields are Fashion Merchandising, Science(technical), Management, and Education. So my personality doesn't really affect my career choices it just expands my choices.