Al Capone

The life of Al Capone

Capone's early years

Teresina Capone gave birth to Alphonse Gabriel Capone, later known as "Al Capone"

the most famous gangster in the world. Since a young age, Al organized kid gangs to recover stolen items. Al Capone wasn't a good student. At age 14 he slapped a teacher and was expelled from school and never returned.

Capone's crimes

Saint Valentine Day Massacre

Alphonse had committed many crimes, but his most famous crime was the Saint Valentine massacre. This killing was arranged for Capone to kill his rival, "Bugs" Moran. Moran didn't showed to the warehouse that night. Instead, seven of his men were killed by Capone's men that were dressed as police officers. They fired 70 rounds of ammunition. Capone was never arrested for this crime because the police had no proof that he was associated with the crime because he was in Miami at a hotel with his girlfriend when this happened.
What Was The St. Valentines Day Massacre of 1929?

Prison for Capone

Capone was convicted of tax evasion and served 11 years in Alcatraz. Before serving his sentence in Alcatraz, he had been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and sentenced to time in Eastern State Prison. During his one year sentenced he paid the guards so he was able to have oriental rugs,f ine furniture ,and a cabinet radio brought into his cell. The government knew they needed to make a decision about Capone so he couldn't run his business from the state prison.

Capone was sent to a maximum security prison located off the island of San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz was surrounded by freezing water and sharks. While Al was serving his 11 year sentence, James "Tex" Lucas slashed Al in his chest. He suffered minor wounds.

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His Final days

Al lived out his final days in his Florida mansion with his family. He died in January 25 1947 from Bronchopneumonia. His body rests in Mount Carmel Cemetery located in Illinois.