Coppell Representative

By: Joshua Torres and Cameron Sivji

John Carona, Coppell Rep. District 16 Info

Senator John Carona was born on December 14, 1955. He was first elected in the chamber in 1996. Carona graduated with a B.A. in insurance and real estate from the University of Texas at Austin in 1978. Carona and his wife, Helen, have five children: Joey, Jeff, Will, Kirsten and Kel.
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Statistics of District 16

§ How many students attend Coppell ISD? 13,993
§ What percentage of the population in this district is between the ages of 18-64? 65.9%
§ What percentage of the district attained a college education? 43.4%
§ How does that compare to the rest of the state? 43.4% to 26.1%
§ What occupation in is the most worked in the district? How does that compare to the rest of the state? Professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste mgmt. ( 17.0%) State- 10.6%

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Health and Human Services Commission

  • What Agency do you want to work for? Health and Human Services Commission
o Select a Texas State Agency (department, commission, authority) that you would like to work for. SafePlace in Austin, Tx.
o What is the Agency’s mission statement? SafePlace is ending sexual and domestic violence through safety, healing, prevention and social change.
o What is the main function of the Agency? Too provide shelter for people that have faced violence in any type of way.
o How does the Agency impact the residents of Texas? Give 3 Examples. It keeps people safe from violence. It provides people with shelter and food. Also has a daycare for kids if any of the people saying there have kids.
o What are 3 different professions/jobs within the Agency? Volunteer Services Manager, volunteer supervisor, and CEO of Safeplace
o Summarize a recent news article. Make sure to include the link.

This article is about the University of Austin and how there are a lot of sexual assault case in the university and how the administrator are handling the situation by trying to prevent this from happening in the first place and it talks about what they are doing with the victims.

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