Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Ugly Truth

BY:Rylan Shaffer Hinkle/Block4 Author: Jeff Kinney


  • Greg Heffley: He is your average 8th grade boy, except for the part of fitting in has always been a struggle
  • He is a kid that actually wants to grow up and live his own life, since popularity hasn't caught up with him, he is hoping for adulthood
  • He is not athletic but not to much of a nerd and he thinks his life is miserable without actually having a couple of true friends[ Rowley is only one ] it is going to be tough for him
  • I don't think Greg will be able to make it through the year without some tricks up his sleeve, like maybe pulling a fake like he did one time whan he was malingering school
  • Rowley Jefferson: He is a very kind kid that isn't ready for adulthood/growing up like in the book Rowley past out from the puberty videotape in advanced health, at the 2 min. mark when it said ''persperation''
  • He isn't very a very mature kid and doesn't want to grow up and he is Greg's only friend so they hang out a lot
  • Rowley also has the good life, easy parents and just one of those kids that looks perfectly normal
  • Rodrick Heffley: He is Greg's older brother and he will never stop bugging him until he is dead
  • Rodrick is in a band named ''Loaded Diaper'' and he is a huge slacker like in the book Rodrick didn't do his homework for a week
  • Also he is very lazy like not waking up until 3:00 in the morning
  • Rodrick cares more about his career than his education


  • There are many settings in this book but one that really has an effect on Greg is school. He is having a very hard time there. It is the main setting.
  • When: Summer/Fall
  • Where: 8th grade/middle school
  • Location: N/A


  • I think a book would be a good example, this year Greg lucked out by getting Jordan Jury(most popular kid in the grade above him) and he was hoping that it would give him major popularity status
  • That is why I picked a book, I mean who would become crazy popular over a book that just said ''Jury''

Book Review

In Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth, Greg Heffley still isn't having the best time of his life. Now that school is starting back he better use it or lose it. Since school is starting he will have homework that means he actually has to do it. Greg and his friend Rowley had gotten into a fight at the end of summer and so now he doesn't have any friends either. On the first week of school, Greg's mom said she was also going back to school and they would need to do everything themselves. On that weekend they went to Gamma's for a family reunion and Greg was the one to get the talk. That meant he got deodorant and a book. After returning home Greg's mom came back. Now she could help him. His life was getting better. He and Rowley were friends again, Rodrick and Greg were still enemies which was okay with him. But through torture and some happiness he would be lucky to make it out alive.


I think that the theme of the story was life isn't perfect and you will have rough days, at least that's what happens to Greg Heffley about everyday. He doesn't have the perfect life at all ,but he does the best he can to make it work. Actually no one has a perfect life even with all the money in the world, even though we try to make the best out of it. Like in the book his brother is always torturing him by writing an embarrassing note on his sack lunch. Instead of reacting like it's a big deal he just through the sack away.